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Baptiste wants to be a strong favorite of your Overwatch and admit its dexterity

Overwatch recently offered us an offer that touches our origins and motivations, and told us that it was a martial. However, the most important thing was to get rid of ink: What can we do with the 30th hero of the game?

Jean-Baptiste Augustin He was a child under 30 years of age Omic crisis and after a military training he joined the Talon group mercenary team.

Together with the main pillars of these two elements, Baptiste brings together tangible heroes Overwatch With two key premises: you can provide medical services and fight when you need to.

And playable? It can be said that other heroes have very interesting skills, with a very comfortable turn.

At first, it is the main weapon Biotic grenade launcher. A weapon that breaks into three rounds, taking into account the damage, and whose projects also affect areas that cure close allies.

Now, Baptist can not heal himself to shoot. Fortunately, its first capacity activates the person responsible for energy regeneration, whose effects it is hoping for him and the surrounding allies.

In the second case, his second ability is a cylindrical shield, which literally prevents him from killing allies. In other words, They will receive damages, but assets will not be deleted. Now, the generator of this shield can be destroyed.

In addition, it can be said that this new hero has a third ability: at the level of mobility, Baptist's Exbots You can make big jumps.


The system to use is very simple. While outdoors, it will be charged according to the accumulated load, to jump according to the accumulated load.

However, his star skill is definitive: Dissemination of Matrices It creates a screen that duplicates the damage and cure of allied projects on the screen.


The really used skill can release a real massacre and turn the omelette into the weakest situations around.

For his part, Baptiste is available to play on RPP Overwatch In, the use of these capabilities will gradually be tested.

Your official arrival to Xbox One, PS4 and PC? Very soon expected. Blizzard has proven that it is well balanced in every edition of the game. Free, of course

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