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Barbies, fear and economic crisis: people living in epuyen who are currently hated by hantavirus

At first glance, Epuy is not a city of civility. On Friday at midday and at the entrance to the entrance hall of the promenade, it is the air of a rural village in the 40's, a young man makes a playground. A few meters away, at a petrol station, a beachman sends fuel and gives the customer a warm welcome. There are no barriers, road, health control, police presence or Gendarmerie. The traditional route of the route connects the main tourist destinations of the north of Chubut to the south of Río Negro.

However, if they go ahead, they indicate that something else is happening. In the tourist office, which is on the edge of the route, a municipal worker attracts two attractive tourists. Every summer in summer, it would be a normal scene in the summer, among the visitors who are looking for the charm of the southern lakes. A worker who wears Chinstrap and obsessively whisks alcohol hands.

It's not an obsessive-compulsive disorder: The municipal order was signed two days ago ago, as a measure to obtain a new hantavirus inflammatory mortality. The transmitted disease with a known mouse around it has already been "colilargo" with symptoms similar to the flu 9 deaths At the end of November, since it was detected in the first cases.

In the heart of this small community of 4,000 inhabitants dedicated to tourism, the sensory crisis stands out: it uses a chinstrap that people use to enter the market to pay taxes, from cash to cash.

"It's a big worry, many have died.", says Laura, the aunt of a mortal victim, while paying the card. "We all know each other".

In fact, the small town was perhaps the main cause of the first occurrence in 1996. At this time, the contagion of people happened at the speed of what was predicted by the authorities, and was apparently innocent: a party 15.

The celebration was held on November 3, 2018, in the Peumayen room, near the edge of the lake, surrounded by flowers and a garden surrounded by herbs.

In the first case, there are several versions of what they are called "index case": Some have said that this first infected person was infected in the forest to collect fungi and the spores of the virus were in contact with the "long carcase"; Others infected an internal survey.

The most reliable version of the epidemiologist's epidemic Infobae According to local authorities, while it was infected Peel in a rural area.

In fact, the men went to the party, and then the virus spread among friends. He survived, but the disease ended 9 lives of relatives and neighbors, a 14-year-old girl, a birthday girlfriend and another 16.

The seriousness of the appearance of the public is ageless. "I'm worried"The 11-year-old Junior, standing with the asphalt, standing in the bicycle meters of local hospitals, as non-Hantavirus patients, are being channeled to complex centers of Esquel and Bariloche. "The death of a person in my family", the child ends

Juliana, a member of the collective ticket, assures him The tickets were not sold And the company that works has said the service will close. The camps are empty and there is also a polirrubro from this lake unnoticed. "Settlement closure".

The Mayor of Epuy, Antonio Reato, acknowledges that the situation is "complex", and chinstraps "a little bit afraid". However, it's only a preventive use, and it is only necessary for those who suspect viruses or effectively infected.

When evaluating the economic impact of the crisis, do not hesitate: "We are worse than in the worst year when tourism is not". Despite the crisis that surrounds it, it is optimistic: "Seven days ago, suspicious cases were not detected within Epuy," he says. Infobae. But the incubation periods of the virus are still between 7 and 30 days, it is difficult to determine whether the outbreak cycle is close to the end.

Pablo NouveauIn the Esquel programming field, the director prefers talking about a "plateau", and emphasizes 115 positive cases of hantavirus have been detected in the last 30 years due to environmental pollution, that is, the mouse and the man, not the person.

The Provincial Health Councilor, Fabian PuratichHe recommends visiting Epuyen "Do not let the guard down", although two incubation periods should be expected, approximately 80 days, to indicate the end of the occurrence. However, it seems that the presence of hantavirus resides. "There is no possibility of eradicating the disease"he says. "Flu is like smoking".

There are currently 86 people in Epuy, isolated in homes, who were in contact with positive cases of hantavirus.. 8 patients are still hospitalized; Of these 4, Esquel's 2 care and 2 young women are intensive care, and it does not exclude that the death rate continues to rise.

In these situations, it is difficult for people to recover their tranquility, fear of being a carrier of a carrier and a risk of stigma in the country. As Juliana synthesizes: "If you go to other places and say that you are in Epuya, do not take care of yourself."

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