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Bariloche's wife: it will be armed with an arsenal and is believed to be "very dangerous" – 31/01/2014

"Very dangerous" and maybe armed. For this reason, Justice has determined that Mariano Cordi, the murderer of Valeria Coppera, was shot at the Bariloche Cathedral from Tuesday to date in a field affected by tourists.

Accompanied by dozens of people from Rio Negro and the Gendarmerie dogs and drones, they are still on the path, but they should be taken to take steps to bring humans together A real arsenal.

In your opinion, you can not know bugle, the researchers have believed that Cordi is escaping from two or three firearms, Among these, 22 former victims named her associate, knives and even household bombs.

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Yesterday, Rionegrinako police personnel inspected his house in the neighborhood of El Frutillar and found him The merit of a Rambo movieIn the vicinity, bombers were captured by bombers that used Eastern Vietnam troops, using divisions in North America. Operators had to call the Explosives Division experts because it suspected that they could have more artifacts at the end of their lives.

Cordi is not alone a fan of weapons but at the same time dedicate time to build on their home alone. Likewise, men have a serious drug addiction problem and a person "very dangerous", defined by the prosecutor Betiana Cendón. The man had both cases of abuse and unlawful weapons, but both dismissed them.

"Homemade home-made weapons, booby traps, we're talking about a very dangerous person, there's a possibility that you're armed. I asked for cooperation, but be careful too"The prosecutor said to FM 93.7, in the police area, they have been defined as Cordi A type of "Rambo" from Patagonia and "crazy about the war," which identifies their persecutors or even neighbors who wish to attack.

Cordi was about a couple of months ago about Coppa. On Tuesday they were in the gardens of the Bariloche Cathedral, a very popular tourist. "The guy was going to kill him directly, he told him to kill him," said the mother of the woman, where they argued and shot her head, Coppa, two children, mother, was taken to the hospital and killed. "Cordi, the main suspect of the crime, told a group of relatives.

Rio Negro, the National Gendarmerie and the Airport Police keep the city "blind" for anyone who does not have their identity cards, so the provincial authorities believe He still lives in Cordilleran town.

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The researchers think Cordi The knowledge of neighbors far from downtown Bariloche is over and I would escape, because of the huge border that divides the city of the area and the mountain range.

On Thursday at dawn, police officers attacked some properties in the municipality of Dina Huapi, 24 kilometers from Bariloche, but without results. The procedure is still in a rural area 7 kilometers away from the tourist area, where rumors and rumors are being used.

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