Monday , June 5 2023

Barreda tried to avoid the suicide of Tolosa's beast | chronicle


Lawyer Eduardo Gutiérrez, who defended him Ricardo Barreda He slaughtered his family, talked to the telephone Juan Chirino, He died with his husband and injured his wife, from the door of the house of Tolosa, who barricaded him and surrendered him. Despite the negotiations, the murderer committed suicide.

Chirino talked with a friend asking him how much he could spend on the child's crime in the child's crime. The message arrived at Gutiérrez, and shortly afterwards he asked Chirino for advice and surrender. Gutiérrez told reporters that the people of Halcón Group expected him to accept and interview immediately.

The lawyer was still embarrassed and warned that he did not do anything to prevent Chirino's suicide. The Falcon Group wanted the man to give up, but after 3:30 a.m., after firing the police, he fled Flash Bang after throwing grenades into the house.

Soledad Marcos, loves Ciro, He gave details of what happened in the house shared with Chirino and his children. He said he had said it several times, but "he thought he would change the way he came back". After killing his son, Marcos declared at the headquarters of Police 6 in La Plata. There he met with his family and said he had an hour with his partner.they were long ago"That's why I accused him"In 2015 and in 2016, but I came back with it, I thought it was ".

On the day of the event, his partner "At 5:30 a.m. or 5:45 a morning, and it seemed like no clothes could lie down"And then he went to the bathroom,"See a shadow and immediately pop ". Chirino fired his grandfather on his face with his 32-year-old grandfather and moved away from his father.

He locked them in the bathroom with his phone and sent messages to all the family members. The three youngest children asked: "If there is one I died, because he was lying on the ground, full of blood ". He did not lose consciousness, took the boys and escaped to his mother on the street.

Then the attacker slipped Ciro into the room where he was. The preliminary report of the autopsy concluded that the boy had picked up 16 aprons and had wounds in defense, and the knife stuck in his chest. When the prosecutor confirms that Chirino is a murderer, the file will close because he is killed.

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