Friday , May 20 2022

BCRA has taken advantage of the low dollar level for a new rate cuts


du Central Banks on Monday at auction $ 160,231 million Liquidity Letters (LELIQ) in average low yield 60.278 per year. The maximum number of seven-day letters was 60.49 points.

This is the current reference rate since the smallest tool was used to absorb liquidity on October 1 for banks only. On a similar operation on Thursday, the currency authorities approved the average cut rate of 60.753% and the maximum rate of 61.026%.

The Argentine financial markets were closed on Friday 20 group (G-20)He collected the main economies of the world of Buenos Aires.

"BM rise [base monetaria] In October, an increase of $ 15 million was due to non-payment bank reserves and partly offset the reduction of US $ 11 million in circulation, "Central said in its current size.

The amount attributed to this day at $ 134,844 million was raised by the monetary authority over $ 25,382 million. Entity is absorbed by LELIQ $ 326.917 million from the beginning of October.

The BCRA Monetary Policy Committee reviews 60% off the floor Fees established up to the year end, committed to the International Monetary Fund (MFN).

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