Monday , June 21 2021

Before Monday's rise, the dollar earned a profit in terms of consolidated terms

The dollar was awakened Monday after a month and a half, and on the first day of that week the exchange rate movement only reached Better the performance of those who have opted for a fixed term at the beginning of the month.

Interest rate attractiveness, based on deposits of around 30% on the most important banks in the financial market, was not used in the context of the iron dollar "as of October".

Without exception, in order to put down weights that contribute to fixing the first weight this month, Banks offer an average annual rate of 47.95%. Companies increased their profitability through their short deposits, which led to Leliq negotiations following the control of the central bank between the central bank and the bank banks and the weight rate reached 75%.

So far, in November, according to the director of investment by GMA Capital, Nery Persichini, The fixed term was 3.46%. Within the same period of time The exchange rate increased by 8.42%That is to say, the dollar in dollars began in dollars, with the highest price of the last days.

"Since the beginning of November, the dollar has risen from $ 35.8 to 38.8 The monthly fixed rate was effective Nominal rate of 50%, "said Federico Furiase, economist EcoGo.

Those who started the "early" beginnings, for example, when it began to exchange pawns last week, the situation is still not going against the dollar, but the gaps are increasing.

To give an example, someone introduced a definitive term in early October and renewed in November, 6.6% in weight. During this time, the American currency value fell by 4.7%. "The dollar has been revived last week and in recent days but has lost the race against the weight rate earlier, for example, in October, the weight rateHe won the dollar 19 points"Persichini explained.

Fixed-term "boom", among the attractive interest rate and the dollar, was reflected in the figures published by the Central Bank in the market report. Dollar purchase amount dropped.

"The gross income from the residents' purchases was US $ 2433 million, Falling 400 million dollars compared to September. The number of applicants around 60,000 has increased, the average purchase per customer decreased by 19% and stood at $ 2200. "

Very little investment was maintained in weight, compared to the exchange rate. According to Furiase, "Badlar's adjustment bonuses are a compression rate that helps keep the dollar upside down."

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