Thursday , August 11 2022

Behind the violence, the serious prisoner of the police


Every year on Saturday, according to the violence surrounding the River Plate stadium, the differences between national governments and the Federal Capital were intensified in the field of security, and a year passed in a very serious territory.

Mauricio Macri and Horacio Rodríguez Larrera are friends and they talk about the telephone on Tuesdays and Thursdays, they do not know. On Saturday they also talked several times. The Lehendakari was in the fifth place of Chapadmalal, where he traveled with his family to rest before the G20.

But on Saturday, above the jurisdictional contingencies between the two jurisdictions of security jurisdictions, there is a problem that after a year Macri and Larreta were not resolved and deepened: the police dispute.

He took the presidency 27 days before, Macri appointed him a federal police officer on January 6, 2016. More than 19,000 soldiers were taken to the city's orbit, 6,300 members of the metropolis.

For a few months there was a change in proportions. Only the area responsible for federal crime and official carers were responsible for the Casa Rosada. But Buenos Aires police officers never adjusted and settled: they do not even have criminal intelligence today.

Agent transfer was made with resources, therefore, the porteño had zero cost. Since then, the process of "sales homogenization" has been launched, since the metropolitan area receives 30% more than federal wages.

This process was completed in November 2017. Later, there were conflicts: there were 5,000 agents, claiming they did not respect the hierarchy, the rights they lost, and even the wages they had cut off, the promise was the opposite.

Now, 5,000 police officers are requesting the return of origin force. Since certificates have been transferred to capital, they are not only rewarded with real wages, but they also load hours of work.

It's a huge risk: on Thursday, October 18, 150 soldiers took 150 soldiers from the Buenos Aires Ministry of Security, led by Martin Ocampo. They were armed.

On the morning of 1 in the morning there were great tensions when they wanted to eliminate them. This proposal, they do not want to do with the power of Buenos Aires, will not happen to them. They reached an agreement almost 24 hours after, but the conflict was not resolved.

Two months ago, they protested in the city before the headquarters of the southern government, and they did not hear it in October. And now they can also ask the authorities to make the decision to go back.


Finally, on Sunday, president Macri advisers have said Saturday on Ocampo on Saturday due to serious defective operations, and they do not take responsibility for Patricia Bullrich, National Security Minister.

Macri speaks of "failure", "lack of predictability" and "disinteleztura". And they emphasized that after flooding the River Plate dam, Ocampo could not "cross his arms".

The Police Criminal Division of the Police ravages Los Borrachos del Tablón, Hector "Caverna" Godoy, leader in Buenos Aires, San Miguel, on Friday.

In it, 300 tickets were found, 7 million pesos were sold, official clothes, bags, flags and drums. All since 2009 has one of the largest and most dangerous bars around the world.

These 300 convictions are convinced in the national government, which includes the main references of the Board's will on Saturday. The key is that the taverns never reached the height of Sívori, the traditional place of the Monumental.

But the bars were on Saturday. They are secret. Some were in the corner of the Libertador and Lidoro Quintero, and the Boca Juniors had broken glass with two glass beams and at least two players who were losing ground.

Other bars stalked around the stadium, and finally three police officers broke up with smuggling barriers that stopped 120 people. Eventually, they got into the doors of the Monumental.

Now Boca Juniors coaches admitted that members of the internal area and other river supporters were passing by two hours earlier.

Historically, the guided tour of the microphones surround Avenida del Libertador and becomes the Lidoro Quinteros Monumental. The riders are never in the river because they do not leave the police directly. On Saturday there were more than 500.

"It was a time," "the zone was free" and "unbearable was unbearable," said the source of the national government consulted by this newspaper. They have angered the five-year summit of Giro leaders.

Although, on Saturday, the image that the world has shown can be a source of hope for foreigners in the country. They do not forget about that. They also say they are renewing their money to restore the price of the dollar due to mistrust.

Shame and shame bar brava advanced, a group of criminals ready for everything. But nowadays the connotation of the Police sector in the face of the Government is being investigated, and the authorities lacked authority or lack of foresight.

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