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Being dehydrated can cause libido's decline and sex


When you do not have enough water, your body can react in a variety of ways, such as headaches, difficulty sleeping or dry skin. One of the most amazing signs of dehydration, however, involves your sex life They can affect physically and emotionally.

Fatigue, irritability, constipation or vaginal dryness should not be hydrated. Therefore, drink a lot of water You can also benefit from different ways.

Drinking enough water and stress is closely linked. The body needs fluids to function effectively and when it is scarce The organism may affect its entirety.

Published in a 2011 study British Journal of Nutrition Find out that mild dehydration causes cognitive performance and youthful mood Anxiety and tension have increased even when you rest. Other studies have shown that the same effect is that women are lacking.

Other jobs keep water low Creates cortisol growthStress-related hormone. Anxiety is one of the greatest enemies of sex and, as a result, intimate relationships reduce frequency.

Of course, if you do not drink more water, you will magically reduce stress levels, but will make your body more responsive to external stressors. And you're less stressed, Your libido may rise.

Hummingbirds reduce the desire to have sex.
Hummingbirds reduce the desire to have sex.

One of the most common symptoms of dehydration is another headachethe annoying thing that hinders the desire to keep up the intimate relationship. Therefore, it is recommended to drink water and do not let the headaches impose on pleasure.

Dehydration causes dry skin It could also be an intimate environment. It is necessary to lubricate the vagina thoroughly before getting in contact with sexual intercourse, but it may be discomfort and even painful.

The lack of water in the body reduces the elasticity of the vaginal walls vaginal dryness, both internally and externally, and the difficulties natural lubrication.

Also, this lack of hydration can also be done It has the ability to reach your orgasm. The body needs oxygen to function, and it is better to enjoy maximum pleasure.

According to this HealthlineThere is also dehydration and erectile dysfunction. It needs oxygen Obtain and maintaindue to the need for adequate blood flow of these sex organs. When the fluid levels rise in the body, it releases an angiotensin hormone that can cause blood contract. This prevents blood flow throughout the body, including penis.

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