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Belgrano, the need for profit and the return of Zielinsky


Alberdi lives in a strange eveningThey will be confused current memories Superliga game. Special memories It will be Alberdi, For the first time at the opponent's bank in the 2016 start, Coach Ricardo Zielinski and that will be too if the group is not added till the end of three dates immersed in the table of averages fall zone

There will be ten thousand fans on Friday, the stands in the giant, the presence of "Russians" will not go unnoticed, its brand is very strong and is marked by the hearts of the people. His achievement is that football and football will be remembered everywhere in the world, on June 26, 2011, when they played football, they returned to Belgrano and Primera, and the National "B".

"The Russian" is always returning, because things are not their way, their name sounds and smiles across the giant corridors. Today, however, finds another way, which is currently managed by the senior team leadership team, the second being worthy and well-deserved.

Hard present

Now beyond the sensitivities of "rare" ones, Pirates plays Tucuman before the dean. The need to succeed is not just a psychic question, but rather a mathematical one, which is especially oppressive. Diego Osella will put a single point, which will be recovered by Matías Suárez, who, from his point of view, will be "uncomfortable" with two points and that is why he is committed to better managerial players.

In this way, Maximiliano Lugo, Juan Brunetta and Matías Suárez will meet in court to play a trident of boys and play against the opponent's "break". In addition, the formation of Celeste will be the first time that is in line with the beginning.

He will present two variations of the group that defeated the independent "B", who will return to defense after returning from Menosse to Martinez and Quiroga (suspension). Of course, the pieces are reorganized, because Luna is on the left, Sequeira to the right and Suárez on the left. Martín Rivero after his long injury. The rest will be Acosta, Olivarez, Martinez, Denis Rodriguez, Aguirre, Brener and Balboa.

The Beleard knows that they're going to start homework and grow three days later. "We invite you to play and play the characteristics of the players we play, but we must do so consistently," said Osella.

Anxiety and emotion will be the day before, because Tucuman wants to move forward and "B" will come down.

Reservation In room 9, it is measured with Atletico Tucuman. "B": Acosta; Barinaga, Pardo, Novillo and Livera; Tomasetti and Altamirano; Gómez, López y Ostchega; Atis.

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