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Benjamin Vicua spoke about the rupture of the Pampita: "It was horrible

Carolina Ardohain and Benjamn Vicua Ten years were together and everything happened: the complex that began in the midst of the dismantling of the Martn Barrantes model, constant rumors of infidelity actress, the tragic loss of her daughter Blanc, and finally the scandalous betrayal and separation.

In 2015, when Vicua I worked on the red thread, Pampita was shocked by the relationship with China Surez. I went and the worst thing I saw was to see the woman. He wants to keep production, nobody else has **, he should have ** one **. I swear to my children, I admit after Caro polmica. Of course, the couple separated Benjamn Thus, he became a boyfriend of the young actress Magnolia. Three years later, In Chile At the end of his marriage and encourages him to talk about this transition step, in an exclusive note given by Caras in Chile.

It was horrible. Of course, some things were wrong, and others were very unfair, causing a lot of pain and misery Benja. And he continued: there is no list of studies, there are things that you understand from the body, which are roughly assimilated. Today I know what I do not want, and I understand that I can not change the situation and others who escape my control and responsibility. Each person has a story, but the difference between the audience is that it is embarrassed and embarrassed. Apparently it's part of the package. I try and help others to escape.

Concerning the mistaken questions in the journalist's difficult story, interpreters I responded: In that life, another person will be very happy and can hurt or injure you. It is important to distinguish, realize, establish criteria and learn from it. Everything is wrong. It was a difficult time.

In the end, he commended this infidelity and talked about the consequences of what the woman named as a man. They told me they were not able to question me and defend me, because they were sensitive and sensitive. Expect to settle things I look after my children's opinion. The versions I already can not take over, are the myths of the city.

Everyone distinguished me with pain and frustration by adding external components. When I go back to realize it, the pains are not removed, they are piled up. My daughter died, I separated two years later. However, mankind has great resilience and revival. Today I take everything good and bad; A wonderful family is the key, an incredible woman, happy and healthy, who is very much in touch with me.

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