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Beto Casella defended after Caluro Rivero's statements: you can tell him

Calo Rivero Next Sunday, we will present a book on the departure of Juan Darths with the novel Dulce Amor, where he worked with the actor. In his testimony, the actress tells him what he saw about the reports he made about her and focuses on her pain in the television section: Blessed TV, guided Beto Casella.

"Viv y Sobrellev, the Bendita TV program made reports about my cowardice, vulgar and cardinal manipulation, which he used to do to make my head burly, which is the funniest thing that hurts, of course doing damage," explains Cool in a chapter.

"At that moment my flesh was damaged, I now know that they do only one image, not for me, and as they damage my image, they themselves harm themselves, their children, their friends, and society, and it is much more serious," continues du example. "When television shows the impossibility of respecting our genre, this type of report does not allow comedy to stop, it declares the decline of non-understandable groups, in the case of past events, it can not be treated any more," it shuts down "in women.

Casella, when consulted by Teleshow, made sure that he had not read any words yet Rivero and that was not even interested. "If we do not understand the humor of the reports before the public accusation against Darths, it's their problem," he argued in his defense. And then he added: "His public accusation, before the accusation, was very entertaining".

"No one has complained about the Blessed Reports," said Riveror, "and he said: in any case, our team is very sad about what happened to them and, of course, after the Complaint, the program only appeared in the bad experience context and our support. we stated ".

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