Friday , June 9 2023

Betty Elizalde predictor died


The writer died Betty Elizalde, at the age of 78, has been fighting since lung cancer since 2015, as his friend has confirmed José Luis Zorzi via social networks.

"I tell you a lot of pain, that our opinions and our eagerness have left us with our beloved friends, teachers and friends. Good trip. Thank you for teaching a path and living the life of the radio, "wrote the journalist.

Beatriz Deolinda Bistagnino, as she called it, was admitted to Otamendi Sanatorium. "He never talked about his victim or his illness. We talk about politics, about Kirchnerism, about anything. It is very brilliant, there is not a single sign of death, "said Zorzi Infobae Only two weeks ago.

Delivery Martín Fierro Radio Awards It was held on Monday at the Sheraton Hotel on football Mariano Closs achieved the best Sports Journalism Program for Americans at this stage.

The owner of a large-scale radio station, Elizalde was the voice of the cycle he remembered Seven moon, By Radio Continental. It was featured in the 1970s Good day (Radio del Plata), Bubble (Radio Belgrano), Studio Fiat, And to me … why do you hear me? (Splendid Radio).

In those years he also made news 60 minutes, ATC, and 7 to 8, According to Canal Nueve. In addition to one of the best female conductors of Martin Fierro, in 1981 he won the Kónex as a composer.

"The voice is a wonderful tool that nature gives you. And then you have to work, you do a lot of what you love"Betty said the Announcer's day, he's been happy for the profession for 18 years.

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