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Beware! WhatsApp will work on mobile phones on January 1, 2019

At 31st of December 2019

We tell you which devices are instant messaging applications are not compatible.

Starting in 2019 it's time to review your device They will not be compatible along with WhatsAppInstant messaging service over 1200 million users worldwide.

It has been confirmed by the official company of the company bought Facebook In 2014, the first day of the year, the user Nokia Operating System S4.

The next teams that suffer from The WhatsApp will only be affected by February 1, 2020 and will have all those who work Android 2.3.7 and before, too iPhone iOS 7 and before

"These platforms have been very important in our history, but they do not have the necessary skills to expand our application functions in the future. It was not an easy decision for us, but our users offer better opportunities for their friends, relatives and loved ones to get in touch with WhatsApp. If you use a cellphone, the newer Android, iPhone or Windows Phone model " They have revealed themselves in the company.

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Android users may already enjoy iOS
For some weeks now, they have enjoyed a new iOS operating system (Apple) feature through WhatsApp conversations.

Those in the group already choose to play audio audios, something that users have received.

Innovation now reports on what happens with Android Android in the coming weeks, which can be found in the latest beta version of the app and can be found in 2,18,100.

With the new tool, many of WhatsApp's voice memos let the same conversation play only the first ones that are broadcast in a string, with a beep that listens to the next audio.

WhatsApp | Android users may already enjoy iOS

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