Wednesday , September 28 2022

Beyond Mathematicians, strong message by Matías Martín and Cabito: help


"Kabito" was the health of the problem "Kidito" that was preoccupied with Massa Alcántara for many years.This is because I know it helps and I've always helped. Three years ago, their deterioration and abandonment became permanent. It's not easy to help him. Once we created a false production meeting with friends and doctors, to be treated once. The condition of the air was dull. He did not understand when he spoke. The problem moved and he slept in the air. I took it out of the program and said: "Get it, break it, you can not sleep in the air"".

He later cited the recovery period for Kabito's recovery and the plan for artistic reasons: "He was not here for six months. He never stopped settling his salary. He returned and continued the air restoration. We meet with you. The only thing that was the best in the years was the artist, the professionals we talked about. The air-hauling character was worn out. How did he find that his place was difficult? That scatological was not good. What other humor we wanted and we had to revive ourselves".

"I said "Cabito, you throw three sandwiches and go to your home." Activate, let's talk, propose the sections & # 39;. I gave him a lot of options. He caught up with me and did not promote the names of others, arguing "now it does not work". He warned the newspaper that directly harmed me, I still believe in that note. He understood that I abandoned it and it was false, "he said.

Marriedly excited and without breaking his voice, Martin closed his note directly to Cabito:I can not believe it and I do not explain anything. I have always done myself without a victim without excuses, others without guilt. And Captain, you attack me, threatening me by dragging it as a result of a professional decision that comes from one point to another, face to face. My advice: I've returned to people who love you most and it helps you the most. Help support, chimentos programs will never be solved. They change, talk with them. What did you do? I hurt. I will not leave you guilty for you. Mostly you're hurt, no doubt. I wanted to say goodbye to the whole program. Rare and wonderful moments shared. The closed route of love we have always had. Good bye. Say goodbye because it grows".

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