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Bielsa: "It happened to the court for everyone".

Marcelo Bielsa I took it as a trainer Leeds United very clear goals: to get the promotion Premier League and impose the idea of ​​the game to protect a football project. Twenty-four of the debated games are Crazy teams Championship 51 points, three ahead Norwich CityImmediately his persecutor. When commanding two agnatic commands (against Aston Villa and against Blackburn Rovers respectively), the technical director appeared with the press and mentioned the time that the students are experiencing.

"Everything that happened in the court was very moving in us and we have emotions that are high and high in football, that's why there is nothing compared to football when the emotion is important, because it's a point. We could not win the game easily, we won the merit but We have only won in a different way ", the coach was 63 years old.

When looking at the game, Marcelo played his team, different from what he was playing. "The fate of the second half has changed in the last seconds, but it is a defense that we can define, so we can not say that it was a win because we did everything we had to win, in the first half we saw it was worth more than two goals. That is the end of the second half, "said Rosario.

Later, Bielsa shares the last two scores made by himself. Leeds United equalized two matches (2 and 1 lost against Aston Villa and Blackburn Rovers) and 3 and 2 finished. "Although both triumphs are similar, Aston Villa's feeling is not a feeling for today's feeling, because it was a win," Argentina said.

Despite playing almost half of the championship, although many of them think about Marcelo's championship. However, El Loco does not share this thoughts and make it clear to the journalists: "Although it does not have a classification in the group, it is hard to win against the teams, we can not say that our opponents are bigger victories while playing. It is very difficult to impose our style ".

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