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Bill Gates updates the 2019 cutting-edge technology list

One of the founders of Microsoft Bill Gates

Bill Gates collected the Vanguard Technology magazine for 2019 at MIT Technology Review.

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The anti-cancer vaccine, however, was included in a list of the techniquor's artificial intelligence assistant Bill Gates.

du Review of MIT technology On Wednesday, he presented the list of Vanguard Technologies 2019, made by Gates. The editing list for editing is for the first time a guest editor.

"Bill's opinion believes that society is turning the point of turning into technological development, especially from longer-life technologies, especially those that do better." Gideon Lichfield, editor-in-chief editor, explained in a statement. "Your choices emphasize those that take into account the most important challenges and opportunities of our time".

Here are 10 technologies that come from climate change to health or artificial intelligence:

  • Robot's dexterity: robot hands to manipulate the unknown objects.
  • New generation of nuclear power: reactor designs, both fission and fusion, to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Early childhood prediction: a blood test to warn early birth.
  • Tablets of the intestinal pill: a fluid capable of showing the digestive tract and a biopsy.
  • Custom-made vaccines: Treatment of invasive cancer cells in the body's immune system.
  • Dinner without hamburger: plant and laboratory alternative flesh to reduce food industry emissions.
  • Carbon dioxide sensor: CO2 absorption techniques and blocking.
  • Bracelet electrocardiogram: the ability of intelligent clocks to monitor heart disease and alert any time problems.
  • Sanitation without sanitation: a toilet with a permit to reduce illnesses and small living conditions.
  • AI support conversations: advances in language proficiency allow digital participants to have more natural conversations.

You can read more about new technologies (in English) in MIT Technology Review.

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