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Bitcoin: the most promising non-promising cryptocurrency – 12/29/2014


Bitcoins has been running for 10 years, without much celebration. It was officially opened on January 3, 2009, the most famous cryptoconference Unfortunately he failed in his promise: It does not include payments, not a reservation, nor as a reference unit for the valuation of goods and services.

On the contrary, bitcoin lost 80% more than last year, with sharp ups and downs, and criticisms and warnings about its speculation and non-transparency. A few months ago, economist Nouriel Roubini he called "fraud".

Roubinik highlighted the crisis in 2008, which was a major outlook, when Lehman Brothers began to decline. Shortly afterwards, on October 31, an anonymous "Satoshi Nakamoto" expanded the document with the theoretical basis of the bitcoin, money was considered a legal alternative, without the central banks and government regulations.

Satoshi Nakamoto's figure.

Satoshi Nakamoto's figure.

The launching of the launching, initially, worry over curiosity. The price, said the developer, determines the offer and demand and is the reasons for determining the changes at any time. Over the years, cryptocon did not suppress the high volatility of its price. Going no further, Last week bitcoins between US $ 3,400 and US $ 3,800, all without apparent reason. Last January, the alarms sounded.

That month, Bitcoin earned $ 19,783, and then goes down to $ 6,000 and rises to $ 9,000. Investors, economists, banks and regulatory bodies in different countries, including the US. and in Europe he warned about the risks invested in bitcoins and other "virtual currency" (more than 1,500 today), as well as no specific regulations.

Several Nobel Laureates earned Bitcoin money as a substitute and they were defined as such a purely speculative practice.

Joseph Stiglitz, for example, said Bitcoin did not meet a "useful function" and stressed that "the real reason why people want an alternative currency is money laundering or tax exemption." In the case of Roubin, "It's a typical financial bubble: People have not bought it for use in transactions, but expects it expects to increase its price. "

What's up next, bitcoins it was never enriched as a means of payment, the main theoretical basis of the experiment. The renowned investor George Soros has said that "one day a currency of 25% can not be used to pay salaries."

The main attraction, in agreement with its critics, is to buy and sell anonymously online for fast profits, without having to pay funds or taxes.

At the end of January, Britain's Prime Minister, Theresa May, admitted that she had learned to regulate her country's activities. "We need to critically analyze cryptoconferences, just like Bitcoins, as criminals can use." For the same reason, Stiglitz banned him.

Cryptoconference is perforated. (Reuters)

Cryptoconference is perforated. (Reuters)

Among others, Nobel and economics bubble experts, Robert Shiller said Cryptoconferences are "Natural Ponzi Schemes".As the scheme of the pyramid was carried out by Bernie Madoff, the FBI discovered and stopped at the end of 2008. When Bitcoin appeared.

Paul Krugman explained the close relationship of Ponzi with his cryptoconference. "Whenever they buy (bitcoins) everything is fine, but the latter will lose all the money and nobody assumes it," said the economist in January.

This logical bubble has been explored and has taken place throughout history throughout many markets, tulips, properties, mortgages, stocks and Internet portals.

The rise of the price of an active phenomenon begins without control and the stamp and the general breakdown end. When Bitcoin was about $ 20,000, Shiller announced "the price as a 20s stock market," but "we will get time in 1929."

The researcher, on the other hand, recognizes magnetism through virtual currencies. Bitcoin's "story is exciting," he says, and fans think they are higher. "You are fast, you are intelligent, you have found it according to what anyone understands. And it has this anti-government and anti-regulation feeling. The story is wonderful, if it were true"He interpreted.

The basic principles of digital monetary functioning of Bitcoin and its work "miners" - AFP / AFP digital virtual currency bitcoin cryptocurrency

The basic principles of digital monetary functioning of Bitcoin and its work "miners" – AFP / AFP digital virtual currency bitcoin cryptocurrency

But there are some other variants of the future "coins". Tel Aviv and Tulsa's universities revealed research robots The price of Bitcoin artificially rose from US $ 150 to US $ 1,000 in 2013. According to the study, the maneuver was automatically carried out by the Mt.Gox platform, following the unexpected scandal caused by the robbers next year.

Mt.Gox was operated in Japan and was the largest Bitcoin selling and selling operator worldwide. In 2014, it unexpectedly stopped and its managers declared a loss of $ 473 million. His main directorate was arrested and escaped and cheated. And finally, it was saved in 2016. Other similar cases were allegations of the robbery and cryptoconference exchange portal, including Japanese Coincheck and Korean Coinrail.

Last Friday, at the end of this edition, bitcoins quoted US $ 3,700 below. Your future is a question. The most demanding followers advise that it is time to buy because the price is "cheaper." His critics, more and more, emphasize the dangers and lack of support for cryptocentric speakers.

In the published column in the Financial Times, an economic Nobel laureate Jean Tirole has argued that "bitcoin value is not an asset and its price is relieved of confidence." "Actually, anyone who sees public police as a complement to the market economies is a headache."

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