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Black Hole Jets can be fed by a strange "negative energy" discovered by astronomers

When a black hole actively feeds, something strange is seen: extremely powerful plasma shots, at speeds that start at the poles.

Taking into account the intense gravitation of interaction, this sculpted form is a mystery. But now, using computer simulations, a group of physicists have responded by saying that "particles that could be" negative energy "were to extract energy from the black hole and redirect them to the jet planes.

And this theory, for the first time, has unified the different and seemingly unknown theories that can suppress how to extract from two black science holes.

First, Blandford-Znaj is called the process, and explains how to use the magnetic field of the black hole to extract energy.

As the material of the action becomes closer to the horizon of the event, by theory, it is increasingly magnetized and produces a magnetic field. Within this field, black holes act as a spinning director, resulting in the tension between poles and equations. This voltage is downloaded as polar jet.

The second is called the Penrose process, based on the conservation of magnetic momentum. The rotating energy of the black hole is not located within the horizon, but in the region it is called the errosphere. This makes contact with the horizonte of events on the poles.

According to the Penrose process, when the objects of that region were separated, with the single piece that hit the black hole and the black hole that emerged from the outside, the more energy was released. rotation That's the negative energy & # 39; creates it

These two scenarios are compelling, but until now we have not been sure of the correct answer.

"How can I take out the energy black rotation jet?" said theoretical physicist Kyle Parfrey of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. "This has been asked for a long time."

The band designed the simulation of the impact blows (particle beats are not dominant) in front of a solid area of ​​black hole gravitational. They also had the creation of coupled positron electric couplers to achieve more real plasma densities.

Consequently, this simulation produced Blandford-Znaj's natural process – electrons and positrons moving toward the black hole, creating electrons generated in electromagnetic fields.

But that is it also He changed the Penrose process. Due to relative efficiency, when some particles disappeared in the black hole that seemed to be "negative energy", it slowed the rotation of the black hole, which was only a small fraction.

"As it was next to the particles, you would not see anything weird. But a remote observer seems to have a negative energy," said Parfrey New scientist.

"If you fall into this strange case if you fall into a black hole, the mass and rotation will diminish."

The impact did not contribute to the general extraction of energy, Parfrey said, but it is possible to connect magnetic fields with electrical screws.

Simulation also lack some components, such as the acylation disk, and the physical generation of the electron positron is less accurate. The team will develop a more realistic simulation to analyze the process in detail.

"We hope to provide a consistent image of a problem," said Parfrey.

The research team has been published in the journal Letters on physical opinion, and you can read it in arXiv.

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