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"Black Mirror: Bandersnatch": how long does it decide – 30/12/2018

From one moment to the next, he became trending topic. There was not much to explain: just Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Netflix is ​​an interactive movie that is available on the streaming platform on Friday, it is the rage of friends' chat and social networks.

Perhaps we will come to three conditions: Netflix, series Black Mirror and the interactive Bandersnatch formed in a boom. It is the spectator's cinema, depending on the decision-making process, decides how the plot continues and approaches the end of the film.

Or when you start.

That's the thing. In the first few minutes, at the bottom of the screen, there are two options and one must select one remote control. There is a 10-second timer. And it depends on what one or the other chooses.

The first question about your breakfast is Stefan (Fionn Whitehead), which is the type of cereal you eat. It seems naive But it is not.

But we will go to the plot. It's 1984, and Stefan is an English-language game programmer who wants to adapt the same title to the video game. The author of the book, shy, eventually decapitating his wife.

Stefan, when we learned sooner or later, suffered a loss of his mother because he was a child.

Thereafter, and as we do with remote control, we "manage" the life of Stefan and his environment. He decides to listen to music from his walkman (he's been looking for thousands and thousands of years) to find out if his father goes to another street, or he continues to play Colin, a star programmer (Will Poulter). Also, if you feel like a spoiler, if you want, you must leave this paragraph if you decide if Stefan decides not to use drugs and jumps on a balcony or when he sells Colin, if he dies his father or not. To do it, he dies or cuts it.

Be careful, sometimes seems like the end of the movie. And it does not follow.

If the video game is good or not, the show will be given by a nerd, and when we are saying, we know that some options are "wrong", if possible, and we can see them again and see familiar situations.

They have said that movies may last, in the best case, 90 minutes (or 2 hours and a half, and 5 different endings). Bah, the best one is relative, I think it will not be much grace, or everything will be linear.

Of course, it is advisable to watch it Black Mirror: Bandersnatch at least two. Who claimed when it was not "correct"?

By the way, focus Bandersnatch It is an experience that is more than anything, and sometimes it can be exasperated (and Stefan himself warns that he does not control his life …). And the shortcut is not there: you can stop it, but the bottom bar does not say how long it is before, because, again, that decides with its options. They have been shooting for five hours, patiently embracing.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch


Suspense. AEB, 2018. SAM 16. Starting from: David Slade. Fionn Whitehead, with Craig Parkinson. Available in: Netflix.

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