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Black Panther's reaction in the Green Book (Video)

Green Book On Sunday, he won the 91th Academy Award for Best Film, although he did not find predictions and favorites. However, the election of the Academy did not like it Chadwick BosemanBlack Starring actress, who could not help her face her face.

Actress He caught the camera in the middle of a gesture of disagreements, sitting by Michael B. Jordan. The reaction became viral and became a social media card.

Some of those overdue, others worthy of being, Peter Farrelly's films on the lips and the best actress Mahershala Ali. However, the family of Dr. Donald W. Shirley has attacked the production of the pianist and manipulation of the guitar by Tony Lip Vallelonga and has been described as a symphony of lies.

According to Indiewire, nephew and brother Shirley talked about Shadows about the mistakes of the biopic. Edwin Shirley III was "very painful" how the script assured that the artist had no relationship with the family: "it is 100% wrong."

In part "Green Book" Dr. Shirley reveals to his brother where he was trying to explain: "At that time, he had a lot of contacts with his three brothers, it is the only thing that Donald reminds me in recent years. I literally grew up. It was not a month since I did not do a television interview. "

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