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Boca: a decisive week to choose a new coach, the point of the candidate at the tip point – 12/16/2014


The last week of the year starts on Monday and Boca leaders want to determine the next coach before Christmas bread. They have little time and they can not hurry. What contradictions?

The technician ends the section of Liberators and will start in a new stage. But they need the name corresponding to that instance. And they can not miss a shot, because it is named after Daniel Angelici's last year.

Boca is behind 12 points with two fewer games. In theory, 6 out of 10 days are missing. It's time to save the title. But it is a great bet to return to the attack of liberators. The task is not for anyone, because we also have to redefine the 2019 campus. A task

Bianchi, Arruabarrena, were the latest technicians at Schelotto. Three "men from homes". Now, She is ready to give Angelici a destination. If they kept the line, Martín Palermo or Diego Cagna would have already confirmed.

Everything means that someone is looking for "away", which is why the names of Jose Pekerman, Gabriel Heinze and Scolari were created. The first one has already ruled out, he will fill Heinze Velez and Velez contract Scolari In Colombia, he has called for the success of Pekerman.

Next, the other surnames are generated on the first two lines. Miguel Russo and Antonio Mohamed. Also mentioned were Gustavo Alfaro, Sebastián Becaccece and yesterday there were rumors about Eduardo Domínguez and Ricardo Zielinski. Everyone works around Boca World.

It's probably Russian. It's not "from home" but it's been a success. In fact, the last Libertadores won with him in the bank. And Riquelme, with the help of a sharp thinker. Leaders know that if they do not give the final warning they have won, they do not have any problems among fans. Russo's name is the easiest.

If Angelika visits Christian Bragnan, a businessman with a great relationship with Boca, Antonio Moreno does not care. du turkish Well he sees the leaders, but Bragnel starts talking about a key, refurbishment and reinforcements. Instead, the employer may advise Sebastian Becaccece. It is also considered Gustavo Alfaro, and some leaders have released the name Ricardo Zielinski, but the technician would create a new club to create conflicts.

The vowels need calmness. At yesterday's speech, Eduardo Domínguez, a citizen of Carlos Bianchi, was not in a position to abandon Colon. Youth is an interesting projection, but it does not have a great team experience. Maybe this is not a moment, maybe in the future.

As Angelico ends in December, he may not make a contract for more than one year, unless he agrees with his successor successor. Or convince DT to approve a selected one-year extension clause. A week-long key starts in Boca.

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