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Boca flight privacy – a humorous guest and joke for players – 05/12/2018


Pablo Pérez was not saved. And that is his favorite player. Well, maybe that's why Boca's midfielder and captain commander Roberto Moldavsky's repertoire of comics was the key to bringing Xeneize's representation to Ezeiza Madrid.

He enjoyed Pablo Pérez with his family, but he directed the comedy. And he picked up a good vibe.

He enjoyed Pablo Pérez with his family, but he directed the comedy. And he picked up a good vibe.

"When I go to Boca's Court, I lost some games. I take the ladder and I can not see Pablo Pérez's yellow"Moldavsky joked during his 10-minute monologue. "You killed it", Perez laughed and made a pleasant atmosphere.

Fernando Gago, meanwhile, admitted the comedy. And laughter grew. Among the fun and the rest, Boca struggled in the midst of a 12-stroke tension to get the definition of the Liberators.

In addition to jokes, there are moments to share friends, conferences and music. And they were distracted by their families (they stayed in another hotel), they traveled and traveled to Real Madrid on Sunday.

In the meantime, Carlos Tevez, Wanchope Ábila and Leonardo Jara made the most of the walls with the comedy. "They told me that Andrada was quite happy, but I saw her. Maybe it may appear on the Saturday show"Moldavsky, like a dream that lived on the journey, is a fan of Boca and at the age of 8 he was in court (at the age of 56) and knows what it is to live on site River final definitely.

"I was in the field of racing in the 76th minute (Boca won Núñez from 1 to 0 and won the National Championship)," he said. The man has stopped his work and will continue in January and February at the Roxy Theater in Mar del Plata. He did not call Boca leadership.

The player admitted that he was good after the show in the celebration of local bitamponato celebration This Saturday, in the Superclassic forecast, Libertadores will release other tensions. Twins also has a laugh laughing recipe. "I have two sisters and I know what they lived, sharing everything, it will come from that side"he advanced

Carlos Tevez, arriving in Madrid. MARCELO CARROLL FOTO

Carlos Tevez, arriving in Madrid. MARCELO CARROLL FOTO

Boca campus arrived yesterday afternoon (three in Buenos Aires) in Madrid, from the time the flight was delayed to take Ezeiza. Players They left the bus and greeted him At the Eurostars de Mirasierra hotel, the majority of the capital of the Spanish capital, eight. Today, they will depart from the 11 houses of Las Rozas, from the Spanish Federation of Health.

They did not miss the classic "Dale Boca, Dale Bo" and the songs of the River at the reception. Maradona has also doubled. Maximiliano, 45 years old from Argentina, was born in Bunge and lives in Madrid for more than two decades. They look like Diego and HabanoIt was a success to the rest of the fans and Boca had to breathe unconditionally on Sunday when it was Santiago Bernabéu.

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