Saturday , January 16 2021

Boca Marcone goes well

Cruz Azulea received almost nine million dollars for Boca Juniors Ivan Marcone for the Argentine midfielder, Gustavo Alfaro, in the current DT xeneize in Arsenal.

Boca passed a steering wheel of 8 million and a half dollarsA figure of the team of the final qualifying team.

According to the Mexican newspaper's record, midway through Arsenal and Lanus central midfielder "90% closed".

Boca had agreed to the contract with the player, also spoke with Alfaro. It would be three and a half years. What is missing? The club agrees with the payment.

Marcone, 28, debuted at the First Division of Arsenal as coach Gustavo Alfaro and appointed the coach to replace Uruguaiko Nahit Nnez Uruguay.

Cruz Azul, on the other hand, would allow the offer to lose a major equipment, as it would double the amount paid in Lanús.

"The approval of the purchase has already been discussed between leadership, Billy and Robin Alvarez, who is a key player in the semester of the previous success, awaiting replacement of a player who is preparing to solve the loss. There are still offers on the table, but the final decision has not yet been made."he says, medium. Did you get it?

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