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Boca paper with clubs sold in Madrid


December 7, 2017

The collar shield is common in Europe with the colors of the old continent's equipment. The Copa Libertadores final became a regular Superclasic Honor, with an imperative defect.

End Libertadores Cup The opportunists who seek to win the Madrid engine and win another euro in this aspect began to sell traditional scarves with each group's colors.

Former European champions are the names of the clubs and the fans show up as a flagship in matches. However, xeneizes It should be solved as a result of an incorrect typing error.

"Boca Junior"Say that the dolls are clearly lacking"S"At the end, the club name is well written and it says" Boca Juniors ".

Tevez: "We've been delighted to walk around the monument"

In the meantime, this was just to revive the discussion to move to the end Libertadores Cup Leaving Europe out of America, he definitely decided to escape from his essence and many argued that a country that did not know how to write the name of a Finnish club.

Out of the account debate, River and mouth On Sunday, 9 December, the final of the Libertadores Cup will be played at 16:30 in our country. The match will be played in the stadium Santiago BernabéuReal Madrid home, instead of the stadium monumental after the fluctuations experienced by the micro xeneize November 24th

If it was drawn in 90 minutes, they will have extra time. If they do not take advantage of 15-minute periods, they will punish them. The winners return to the country Cup and card for a few days Club Mundua.

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