Saturday , January 28 2023

Boca presented more evidence and the failure of the Conmebol Disciplinary Unit was delayed


It will be necessary to wait at least another 48 hours, not earlier than Thursday, to know the ruling of the Conmebol Disciplinary Unit. This is apparent from the new presentation what did Mouth before the body, with greater evidence of the incidents occurred on Saturday 24 at the Monumental.

Close to 40 pages, with more than 20 hours of film material and testimonials about the attack that suffered the micro of Boca and the incidents in the immediate vicinity of the stadium. Everything will be analyzed by the three members of the Disciplinary Unit of the Conmebol, Eduardo Gross Brown (Paraguay), Amarilis Belisario (Venezuela) and Cristóbal Valdés (Chile).

It is worth remembering that The Argentinian Diego Carlos Hernán Pirota is not fit to issue the suffrage for having the same nationality as the affected clubs and having a past as a member of Darío Richarte, general secretary of Boca and former member of the State Intelligence Secretariat (SIDE) during the government of Fernando de la Rua.

Meanwhile, The remaining member, the Brazilian Antonio Carlos Meccia, was chosen by chance so he did not cast his vote, since an odd number of the representatives of the Court was required.

In addition, in the Conmebol the headquarters are also discussed where the revenge of the Superfinal between River and Boca would be disputed. As announced by the owner of the body, Alejandro Domínguez, the intention is to take the meeting outside of Argentina. Miami was discarded, while Doha (Qatar) and Paraguay they are still the alternatives.

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