Monday , October 18 2021

"Boca's goal was my most important career"


Fans of fans River Gonzalo & # 39; Pity & # 39; Martins were in charge of running for Santiago Bernabéu with a 3-1 final only. However, the match process changed shoe Juan Fernado Quintero He took the bow at Boca and fascinated the fans of Núñez, at the legendary stadium of Real Madrid and on every corner of the planet.

Expressions with Olé newspaper Colombian footballer He mentioned the historic victory that faced the historical aspect. "The main goal of my career was to mark the history of this club and everyone, I did not know the size of this game, and now I found everything from the inside. We won three superclassics, River is a great team, I think we made things better" said the colonists.

Besides, juanfer He mentioned the importance of the game in the life of the players of the millionaires. "I am a mental mindset for my day, not looking back or looking, balanced balance. I still do not measure everything here (United Arab Emirates)," replied the footballer could wear the latest millions of shirts.

On the other hand, Quintero He mentioned his delegation in two final stages. "You always want the most of your choices: the technician is very intelligent, knows a lot about it, and he thinks he can do everything, he thought he could help him over a few times, you should try to help him, he has to be a player, ask for the ball" he said.

In the end, Colombian He talked about the near future of the millionaire. "Maybe I did not measure so much what happened, because we have a great opportunity because both games are important. And this group is crucial, beyond the success of the mentality. We do not think of Real Madrid, but it's a midfield opponents," said Colombian Millionaires' dreams to win one

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