Friday , June 18 2021

Boca's strategy to achieve the decentralization of the river: the 5 main cornerstones of Konmebol's presentation

1- Article 8 of Konmebol Disciplinary Regulation
Boca is aware that rules inform club responsibility about what happens with fans and / or the stadium and the surrounding security before, during, and after matches.

"1. Members' associations and clubs have their own players, officials, members, public, fan behavior, as well as any other person who may exercise or exercise functions, organization or organizational functions. it's nice

2. Members' associations and clubs are responsible for security and order, both at the stadium and at the stadium, before, Friday or after, hosts or organizers. This responsibility extends to any event that may arise, so that disciplinary penalties are imposed and enforced by the judicial bodies and to comply with the instructions ".

2- "Fly Bug" as a witness
Fallo Mosca establishes jurisprudence and uses Boca as a direct antecedent. This point is directly related to club responsibilities in similar situations. It happened in 1996 between Lanús and Independiente. Hugo Mosca, responsible for managing the cover for the photographer Clarín, was attacked in the vicinity of the "garnet" stadium and lost 80% of vision in front of a left eye product. He was waiting at the end of the court.

"The football field and the Argentinian Football Federation (AFA) join forces to compensate people who suffer from a stadium, that is, the commitment to compensate people who suffer it," said the Supreme Court. . The letter warns AFA of the club's responsibility for what happened in that meeting, so Hugo Mosca had to compensate for the fans after the match.

3- New documents with "Pepper spray" attacks on superclasses and monuments
Although there are some differences that indicate a case and a case, Boca will confirm that the Libertadores Cup was eliminated as a similar event and it will provide all the material received by the buses transferred to the team.

In this sense, he will give new videos, which indicates that the attack had reached the entrance to the Hall of Monuments, which overtook the river strategy beyond the security ring. In addition, he will give testimony of the bus driver and those who will take part in the ambulance that Pablo Pérez will take to the Otamendi Sanatorium and also the projects left in the stadium.

They received the Boca micro project when they arrived at the Hall of Monuments

Small gas through a van to the Boca micro on the way to Monumental

4- Historic punishment of Conmebol's Corinthians
The disciplinary court had an unprecedented trial against the Brazilian club, after being attacked by fans of its organization and causing the death of San Jose fan in a match in Bolivia. In spite of the visitor's situation, the Corinthians were considered to be punishments as home games closed doors and many others without their audience. There was no disqualification here, but I close the door. In Boca understand that failure is inadequate, the Monumental stadium would be impossible.

5- Disciplinary Court, an independent body of the Conmebol and a TAS (Sports Arbitration Tribunal).
In Boca, Alejandro Dominguez's commemorate president does not study, which has repeatedly reminded him of the meeting. In the last letter, the leader stressed: "When we are doing Conmebol, football is not won or hit by the tide, the jury won and the quality of other players in South America, the President is playing against the opponents, playing fair in the field of view, stand, leadership." The leader expects the decision of the Court and the following appeal if he waits. If they continue, they will go to the TAS.

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