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Bomb! He left Rocio Oliva on the Maradona music band

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December 28, 2018

A tropical singer-songwriter announced that she was very successful at the time of 2018, she would write Oliva. Watch the video!

Video: America TV

While rumors talk about the separation between increasingly couples Diego Armando Maradona and Rocío OlivaIn this story, Intruders featured the famous tropical music singer.

"The current version currently running is Rocío Oliva's friendship with El Pepo and a meeting point would be Tigre, with 700 on the street" revealed Jorge Rial.

He also said that "there is a version of 24 months that has passed," the chance of a meeting between the two protagonists of the story tonight.

Adrián Pallares has contributed to the information on the production of the program "Highly Selected"He also helped the driver: "I checked otherwise, but they also came earlier".

Maradona El Pepo
Diego Armando Maradona appeared in a show Pepo, In the town of San Miguel, at the beginning of August.

This time, 1986 Argentine champion of the Mexican team appeared in 1986 kissing the mouth with the singer KumbiaEveryone is surprised.

Head of listening to his name, the coach Dorados de Sinaloa danced and took the microphone.

"Do not come with me with Macri and her mother's pussy" was heard & # 39; 10 & # 39; shouts, significantly disheveled.

On his visit, Maradona's official account published a text with the text: "I saw El Pepo yesterday, because it is a town Pepo. My daughter Jana, my wife Rocío and my family, my nephew, Joni, Belén and Davo went. we say. "

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