Friday , February 3 2023

Bombshell! He dumped the great images of the show from Dantza


There were ten couples Dance of 2018 They met the research ShowMatch discover secrets of votes Laurita Fernández for his choreography bachata.

The pairs that were condemned to avoid the minimum number of the couple (23 units) were: Esmeralda Miter and Santiago Almaraz, Soledad Fandiño and Nicolás Villalba, Jimena Barón and Mauro Caiazza, and Mica Viciconte and Damián García.

To watch performances, The jury decided to save Baron and Viciconte (either a partial decision). Thus, Those who were confronted with the phone were Fandiño and Miter.

And in that case, 65.56% of votes were guaranteed, followed by Fandiño solo and Nico Villalba, while Esmeralda Miter and Santiago Almaraz were eliminated (34.44%).

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