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"Bonadio effect" Merval and the country's risk were contaminated, from the end of September


Penalty for assets

The indicator developed by JP Morgan rose 13 points to 708 units. Uprising and doubts with investors in the country

du Prosecution dictation according to du judges Claudio Bonadio to the businessman paolo Rocco blowor of full in du market. du papers of Tenaris and Ternium they dragged to the íindex Merval that's it cutor his line of go up and endor 0,80% Down.

"Was without place to doubts du New mtos featured of du day, du Prosecution that's it dictor Bonadio in du framework of du cause of du notebooks. A raíz of this, du actions of the in the group Techint have been registered strong caídas, so many in du outside, as in du Square local" reseno Eduardo Ferntondez, analyst of Rava society of bag.

asI, Tenaris cayor 9,90% Meanwhile that's it Ternium cedior 3,93% in good Aires. Alsois itn is there have seen it caídas in Bank Supervielle and TGS in back to the 3,50%.

in da that's it cited to du operations in new York, alsois itn is there have seen it crashes of almost 10% to do it du actions of Tenaris that's it they ended drag to the the rest of du papers Argentinian that's it They mention it allI did

du bad mood are is there to moveor to the market of good. du risk país measure according to du bank JP Morgan enlarge 13 units open du 708 Points btomusicians, Level mtomaximum from one early of September.

du uncertainty política along with du election for the presidency of the toñor prormaximum doneíto that's it is there AMPLíand du differential between du good Argentinian repayable in 2019 and others to beat when it is payment a new foríOdo of government. between du títitles 2019 and 2021, du gap get thereor to brand 500 Points btomusicians.

"du differential between yes good (2019 and 2021) estto indicate du risk político that's it replace it du election of the 2019: a Possible change of Course respect of the treatment of du owed and/or du way of consolidationorn fiscal" is thereñto theor Josis it Echagüand, strategist financial of consultatio Investments.

du cause judiciary that's it hundior to the market

du judges federal Claudio Bonadio processor this is Tuesday to the CEO of the in the group Techint, paolo Rocca, in du framework of du cause of du notebooks according to supposed coimas in du work púRepublic throughout du government previous.

source in court is thereñAlaron that's it du Prosecution of Rocca, one of du business mtos strong of the país, you have that's it see along with du payment of bribes that's it a executive of his in the group realizeor to officials kirchneristas.

du magistrate federal alsois itn you have dictor du lack of mis itDeveloping to the businessman Marcelo Mindlin, of Pampa Energíto.

du 5 of October last, to the pay expressionorn inquest before Bonadio, Rocca he said that's it no I was to the so many of du payments unfair that's it admittedor They have it done to the government previous du executive of the in the group Luis Betnaza.

in his Presentationorn before du judges, Betnaza assuredor that's it I kept it "some meetings" along with du ex President Cristina Kirchner to do it ask "to the government Argentines that's it interceded" as mediator before du then president of Venezuela, Hugo Chtotime, according to "du in danger of nationalizationorn" of a of du companies that's it du holding company.

secún du executive, du payments they were that's it see along with a mattersorn humanitarian to do it jagon to the personal that's it is there PERFORMANCEñaba in Sidor.

to the respect, Rocca negor They have it knowledge of du events, that's it attributeor to Betnaza and to other Director of Techint, His itctor Zabaleta, for the one in du cause you have lack of mis itDeveloping.

du dueñor of the in the group no appearing mentioned in du notebooks of the remisero Oscar rye, but was is thereñwinged according to du financier Ernesto Clarens, for the one alsois itn declareor before du magistrate, according to handed over supposed coimas throughout du GESTIorn previous.

du Prosecution of Rocca, that's it It collects them a embargo of 4 thousand millions of weights and du prohibitionorn of exit of the país, was signed together to du enlargementorn of du complaint of du ex officials in July of I saw, Josis it the seaíto Olazagasti, Roberto Baratta, hernton Camilo Gormess and Nelson Ltozarte.

"in du today Case, is there find it listening along with du level of certainty requested in this is stage procedure- that's it paolo Rocca, there will beíto be there a of du people that's it orderor du delivery of money correct according to His itctor Zabaletta to du officials of the ex ministry of PLANNINGorn federal, for whom then they run du acts that's it they were own of du Functionorn that's it Birthdayíyear, roomtondose intended to Benefit to du cochantes" is thereñto theor du judges.

in how much to du lack of mis itDeveloping of Mindlin, du magistrate expressor: "in du payment realized no is there seeing du matrices set in du the rest of du birth of money that's it they were register according to Oscar rye in their own annotations, add it to that's it of the witness of the named corresponds to do it different measures of test tendency to check it out or discard their own them".

former officials, alsois itn processed

du judges Bonadio alsois itn I decided itor Process to the ex head of cabinet John Manuel Abal Medina and to his ex secretary private Marsín Larraburu, for whom They accept They have it pick up money of du collectionorn dedicated from one du ministry of PLANNINGorn to do it Campañas election, though they said disavow du source of the same.

Abal Medina and Larraburu "dutyton answer as to participate necessary, all time that's it they took part of the retirement and distributionorn of the money, that's it I was dedicated to du officials for whom Exerciseíyear du Decideorn About du actions own of du Functionorn púRepublic that's it debíyear done as they were there of du sum of money handed over".

in August last, du ex head of cabinet declareor that's it I got itor contributions in black of business to do it du Campañto electoral of the FPV In 2013, that's it they were collected according to Baratta.

"always I understandí that's it them contributions of private they were volunteer and of any way necessary small violenceorn" to do it help du Campañto electoral of Daniel Scioli, Daniel Filmus and Marsín Insaurralde, indicor Abal Medina.

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