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Boston couple wants to live Marte in 2032 on Mars One

Boston's couple Yari and R Daniel Golden-Castaño met in a group of Facebook, Martians' candidates, marrying the red-roses on Earth one day and colonizing the fourth planet of the sun. New York Post.

"It's only part of it [my] childhood dreams, "said R Daniel, at the age of 36, studying computer science at the Army Reserve.

The pair are 100 semifinalists selected for Mars One. In 2032, the Greek scheme for launching a human colony on a planet. Originally, they have been applied to some 4,200 candidates and 100 teams will eventually peel. 24 people in charge They will perform a decade of live training: they will be placed in a remote location to provide food preparation, technology repair and medical training. No one will return the card.

They were 100 of all ages (ages 18 and over) and life areas, and they decided to work on them to adapt, curiosity and adaptability to live with others. Each one presented an online application with a short video and interviewed on the motivations.

Golden-Castaños is one of the five future future future members of the "I'm Moving to Mars" documentary, which will be released on Thursday at

"Idea [for the candidates] The goal is greater, "said Julia Ngeow, director." It's bigger than individual, it's a bigger part of humanity.

"It's a white social whiteboard and it creates its best life," he added. "I asked them what it looks like and nobody knows".

They know the only thing: According to Elton John's "Rocket Man", "Mars is not a place for children." The mission was not populated. It's just a light-emitting rider on Mars, looking for water, and ways to create sustainable food sources.

"We do not want children to be with us," said R Daniel, with the two previous weddings with two kids.

There are already a lot of details to be cleared out of the mission, funded by corporate sponsorship and broadcasting rights. Before any man arrives, the shipments will be sent beforehand. In 2031, a Mars One spacecraft will take four people to plan for a 18-month trip on the planet, accommodating small pods, in order to fit gravity and other elements.

The red planet is hot today. Elon Musk, a technician who has built a solid foundation since its creation in 2025. In November, NASA conducted testing tests. Russia announces the launch of crew manned crews.

But colonization is not ashamed at all. Bill Nyek said USA Today last month: "It's not reasonable because it's so cold, and there's hardly any water. There's no food, and great things, these guys remind me, it's nothing to breathe."

The impact of Mars One in this world of practice is hard for families to accept.

"Commitment to hypothetical adventure is now a reality," said Ngeow.

In Mexico, Yari's grandmother said after his "suicidal mission", a 30-year-old engineer persuaded her otherwise.

"I presented the slides and I explained to him," said Yari. "Now, he says," God will put you where you need it. "People tell them:" My granddaughter is Marsira! "

It's not so good that one of the inventive settlers, Peter Degen-Portnoy, has five documentaries in Boston's five-father's documentary, revealing the desires he wants to live on the planet at the end of his marriage.

"Our responsibility as a species is to advance our species to help us grow, to ensure its continuity," said the series. "So what can I do as a parent, as an individual, [is] You can help raise my children so that adults can be the best. Then I will be the father of Marsen living and working. "

Programmed, Degen-Portnoy will be 70 when it leaves Earth.

Golden-Castaños are preparing a future extraterrestrial wall that lives in a hot house.

"For me it's about exploration … and the information is shared again [to earth]He said the decision to abandon Yari's life. He finds himself as a pioneer: "everything that we live in will be the first time".

This story appeared for the first time New York Post and it is republished with permission.

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