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Boys in a political perspective can not say that there is an error, they find reviews


People with radical political views, both left and right, are not judged when they are so wrong, it suggests studies.

Scientists at University College London overwhelmed the political assaults on the certainty after questioning incorrect questions.

But the researchers did not test the knowledge of politics. Instead, they used a simple game, the participants needed to measure the image they received more points.

The study was an attempt to measure "metacognition": the ability to understand a person's abilities.

The dogmatic belief in political radicals was more confident about these opinions of the same opinion or more general inequality of metacognition.

When investigating, scientists were asked by groups of 400 people around the world to measure surveys, political beliefs and attitudes to the world's alternative perspectives.

Surveys were identified at the extreme right and left ends of the spectrum.

These people are radical views on authoritarianism and others on intolerance.

Then, to make a simple task to the participants, they were both represented and given the highest points.

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Then they were asked how the decisions were being decided, and the scientists used cash prizes to judge their confidence accurately.

"People with radical political beliefs have less metacognition than those with more moderate approaches," said Dr. Steve Fleming and the neuroscientist.

"There is an excessive task when they are doing something wrong at some time and they are resistant to changing their beliefs".

In order to test the participants, they showed a set of bonus points that needed to get the right decision.

An incorrect decision by the moderators for the first time, showing this bonus information was very low. Radicals, on the other hand, remained in the initial resolution, even though they did not prove evidence.

When the researchers were confident, when the results were triggered, after repeating the set of two people, their work explained the radicalization of the exhibition.

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"Because we do not think we have a completely unrelated policy to this task, people could recognize it worse if they had played a part in politics," said Dr. Max Rollwage.

The result of the publication was published Current biology, The failure of metacognition was true throughout the political spectrum.

Suggested radicality is based on a way of thinking that "transcends political inclinations".

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