Monday , January 24 2022

Brazil's car exports fell and Argentina blamed them


"We look forward to the recovery of the sector, gradually accelerating in 2019"He said in Sao Paulo's press conference National Association of Automotive Manufacturers (Anfavea), Antonio Botelho Megale, taking into account this scenario "Opposite" and "Positive".

According to Botelho, the results of the 2018 patents were above the projections of the entity, which was a modest recovery for the industry, and the sector considered "He kept the strong" He stopped the strike of trucks in front of the country's difficulties in May.

Although it was a mandatory shutdown, the automobile was created in December 177,700 vehicles, that falls 16.8% Compared to the same month of 2017, compared to November, it fell 27.4%.

Also, The business group has expressed concern about the exports of Brazilian vehicles, which fell by 17.9%. Between January and December 2018, compared to the same period of the previous year, the manufacturer registered 766,013 vehicles abroad, including automobiles, utility vehicles, trucks and buses.

Botelho said The "Expressive" fall is a direct consequence of the Argentine crisis, The goal of 70% of Brazil's exported vehicles.

"Due to the difficulties in the Argentine market, exports from Brazil have suffered greatly and closed 629,175 units this year", he emphasized.

However, this year, employers expect an internal scenario of growth of double vehicle production, close to sales in the sector 11.4%.

According to Botelho, according to projects, the GDP of Brazil increased by 2.5% and 3% this year, with an inflation rate of 4%.

In addition, Brazil's manufacturers were optimistic about the proposed reform agenda of the country's president, Jair BolsonaroOn January 1 he assumed his mandate and guaranteed the approval of the reforms.

"The vision is positive, we have to overcome 3 million units generated" and "We believe investor and consumer confidence will continue to grow" Throughout the year, Botelho finished.

  • The Chilean brand is a brand new brand

Sales of new light vehicles reached 417,038 historical units in Chile in 2018, 15.6% up on the previous year.They told the sector entrepreneurs.

They were sold in December 34,981 units, 0.6% more than the same month of the previous year, According to the Chilean Automotive National Association (ANAC).

According to the organization, it shows the good behavior of the local economy, the variety of credit offers and commercial strategies marked by the country operator.

"Being a car today is not for some Chilean luxury"said the Economy Minister, informing the data, José Ramón Valente.

Vehicle sales amounted to 165,828 units last year, 8.4% More than 2017

The number of motorized vehicles with the highest increase has increased 27.1% 148,070 units.

Trucks reach 65,873 units13.9% more) and commercial vehicles were 37,267 units (11.1% more), explained ANAC.

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