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Breast implants may have serious side effects


Only 48 hours of new global research delivery Implants files It will showcase the hidden business of prostitutes in Argentina and around the world International Confederation of Plastic Surgery Associations (ICOBRA). In it, "breast implants are safe"According to the economy, "very serious consequences are sometimes very serious."

"Breast implants are the most widely used and investigated implantable medical devices in the world," says the international medical agency's text, saying "important lessons learned from historical events."

In its statement, ICOBRA acknowledges it Existence of a specific type of lymphatic cancer associated with breast implantsAnaplastic high cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL).

Depending on the body, this disease usually occurs in the rapidly growing breast implant (called "late seroma"). The cell is diagnosed in this fluid, and generally treated with surgery and can be treated with specific oncological treatments.

Hidden statistics, silicones of the Third World and prosthetics outbreak: in B breast implants

Autoimmune diseases (Sjögren's syndrome, chronic fatigue and rheumatoid arthritis) have also been studied in breast implants, according to textual reports. These symptoms are called ASIA syndrome or breast implant disease (IBV).

While BIA-ALCL keeps "strange and generally easy to treat", it maintains an international organization Further research is needed to learn more about this type of lymphoma, autoimmune diseases caused by prostheses and other symptoms.

Icobra statement:

List of unlisted medical equipment imported from Argentina

Plastic surgeon Jorge Pedro, Secretariat of Communication Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstruction of Argentine Surgery (SACPER), PROFILE explained that "all types of implantation in the body create an inflammatory tissue as a reaction." A lymphatic cell is formed around the silicone capsule Some of them are wrong"although he" cures in most cases ".

In this regard, the expert explained this support There are 500 cases identified worldwide, this type of lymphoma developed by patients may be "carcinogenic in the body".

These records are official and are made in Australia and the United States. However, Pedro must admit that he continues to investigate this issue, "there is still no certificate of association with prosthesis with cancer."

Business implants: Three precedents for surpluses for physicians and civil servants in Argentina, Brazil and China

Global research Implants filesHe has developed the International Consortium for Journalism Research (ICIJ) and is made up of PROFILE journalists in Argentina. Nation and Infobae. ICIJ's work was determined Over 10 million women in the world have had breast implant in the past decade, despite scandal, reports on different types of disabilities, security issues and the United States ban, because silicones were illegal for 15 years.

He also corroborated disturbing data about breast prostheses and the complicity of United States control organs. After analyzing the public documents of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in that country, journalists Implants were reported in 2017 and 2018 that the number of serious injuries caused by breast implants increased.

Until 2017, manufacturing companies have an average value of less than 200 injured per year. However, one-year standards of the US agencies were more stringent and companies had to denounce real numbers. There were 200 cases in 4,642 in 2017. And In the first half of 2018, there were more than 8,435 accident notification related to these types of implants.

Fear, bureaucracy and pain: three Argentine influences involving breast implants

Meanwhile, in Argentina, the French Implant Prothesis (PIP) in French breast implants continues to be the consequence of doctors and medical doctors in women. Local surge producers sell a decade "the best in the market". But they were made with a silicone gel industry, not suitable for humans.

Most PPP protists were sold in Latin America. 500,000 defective prostheses were manufactured for 10 years and 400,000 for Latin America. Only 100,000 were sold in Europe and the rest of the world. Of these 400,000, at least 13,500 were registered in Argentina, according to the data provided National Drug Administration, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT), responsible for the use of these defective prostheses.

The case in 2010 is still the case but there are still victims who are expected to receive compensation from the French manufacturer.


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