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Brenda Asnicar, Gilda: "My challenge is on my career" – 12/12/2018


First-person contact Gilda, The series along with Brenda Asnicar It was made via Skype. The director of the project, Benjamín Ávila, lasted two hours, who had been living for many years with the Colombian actress.

He was looking for a new version of his famous idea and singer. He, meanwhile, had more interest than the tropical singer who talked about his fanaticism and this assured him it would be able to fill a dream.

Director Clandestine Childhood (2012) was very pleased with this first contact, but Brenda felt that he had just cut off the communication, not feeling the real role of the paper. That's why he took his guitar, revised the lyrics and Recorded a theme version He went, He sent him quickly to Ávila.

Ávila found his desire, his obsession with his work and his talents Miriam was playing Alejandra Bianchi. Later on, Brenda went to the Buenos Aires to confirm that she was going through the violence that includes the characteristics of the song, and she studied some scenes.

"After work this week, they gave me a bouquet of flowers. I could not believe it because it was a dream to play Gildas. Actually, his music inspired me to do what I have to do, "says Brenda.

Interview Brenda Asnicar, the future protagonist

Interview with Brenda Asnicar, the future star of "Gilda, The Series". Photo: David Fernández

This Thursday 6, the first one Ugly duck She sang the chapel too I do not regret that love In the presentation of the series (which will begin filming in February of 2019), Benjamín Ávila and Guillermo Pino, in the room 1520, with the same producer. Gilda, I do not regret that love (Lorena Muñoz, 2016), star Natalia Oreiro.

"The series will be great, now I speak as a fan, everything that Gilda surrounds is love. And whoever plays the actress is what is necessary, charisma, talent and heart, something essential in this story ", is said to be a Uruguayan actor on the video, in a video that symbolizes Brenda.

-Well you talked to Natalia Oreiroz?

-No, I had no contact. Yes, when I met him a long time ago Ugly duck And it was spectacular. I liked the movie, it's very good, it's Argentinean cinema. With this video I took a step and left a stick, so I'll be in a state of disrepair.

Height of the situation Here's how Brenda Asnicar Gilda wants to be in the series. Photo: David Fernández.

Height of the situation Here's how Brenda Asnicar Gilda wants to be in the series. Photo: David Fernández.

– Are you afraid of future comparisons?

– Criticism will always be. But channeling these things is not good. I'm not afraid, I feared I could not do anything. What does Gilda do for people and Natali's work? Fearing is a mistake. It's super challenge for me. Without a doubt, it is the main challenge in my career. Why Gilda is and what it means to mean that someone exists.

– How do you live and work in international productions, do you think this story adds to the non-Argentinean interests?

-I have no doubts. I also feel that Gildak has exceeded the limits. In this story, the most beautiful thing is how it was as a person. It's important to say what a woman is. He came to the hearts of the people, because he was very transgressive at the time. Being a teacher of garden and bailantas into the world, always aimed at men, to dream to sing. It is very useful to pass on the message to the new generations of the true courage of women.

Interpretation of Brenda Asië for Gilda.

Interpretation of Brenda Asië for Gilda.

-Why do you think this biography about famous singers or idols is so popular today?

-Besides, we need to take care of the generation's change that we are currently experiencing, from young people to those people. I'm very proud, it was so wonderful to tell the woman's story. I do not think this is because the biopicule is happening, we can not tell the story to get rid of the world.

– Are you looking for a project for this style of return to work in Argentina?

-I never stopped making smasher. Yes, I dismissed job offers not related to my work. That was the composing of home music. Actors need to get used to it, sometimes it's hard to give you what you want. While it does not create something, it waits for you. I stopped calling and I was waiting for music. And suddenly that appeared, it was incredible.

Music, his life in Colombia and different rumors

For five years Brenda Asnicar has been installed in Colombia. He went on to shoot the series Cumbia Ninja (2013) and fell in love with Alejandro De Angulo in 2017. "I'm there again, I've done a lot of friends, but I go there," he says.

He travels now for the presentation of the series, but also a recording of the album that will release its release as a songwriter. "Already finished, I always wanted to make music, the first song was released and it was released soon treasureIt's a love affair. It's hard to define the musical genre, because it's a real fusion. "

– Is there no reggaeton?

No! I feel for a few years now that no one reggaeton can remember. Reggaeton dancing people, that's fine, but the lyrics are not totally constructive for society. I do not like absolute feminine restructuring. If it promotes things and eliminates things, I would like to take part in the group of creative artists we like.

-Since, your partner is a million, your extreme thinness, you're talking about cases of abuse about your neighbor … Does not it bother you?

-No. I understand that it is normal. I also understand that he was not happy to talk about my private life. I do not want to hide it, but my problem is with my psychologist or with my friends. Compared to my husband, it is loving and millions of friends. And for my health I always appreciate your concern. But I'm good. I do not think about clarifying things, but conversations occur only when something is wrong, because it's an artist and a lot of projects to fight. I want to talk about these things when I mean. If I do not believe I will not add it in any way.

How will the series of Gild's life be?

The new biopic of the well-known singer will be 13 episodes, that is, Benjamín Ávila. Brenda Asnicar will be the star Gilda, The series The subtitle "Amar is a miracle."

On the other hand, two other actors that play Miriam Alejandra Bianchi will also be in childhood and youth. Brenda will send 18 years of singer until his death in 1996 as a result of a car accident.

Brenda Asnicar, Gilda.

Brenda Asnicar, Gilda.

Unlike the movie, the story is not just about Gilda's point of view, but the world of dance and its characters in the 90s with a fictional license. He also emphasized the "fight against a woman in a world of men," according to Avila.

Generations like Telefe and Netflix sounds are broadcasting, but room 1520 has nothing to do with it and continues to evaluate the different offerings. Outside of the agreements, the shoot will start in February or March 2019 and will be published in the second half of next year. Today, the whole casting is underway.

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