Monday , July 4 2022

Brian Buley, fearless of security: "I have not only gone to the street, because I am afraid of being kidnapped"


The actor is afraid of the same thing that happens in the series that works. Brian Buley to celebrate Pedro Pedraza's role Marginal, this is an example. Guest We can talkHe admits that he suffers greatly because of insecurity, prevents him from being alone in the street and tries to return home. "I am afraid I will organize a kidnapping because I know it", he assured the program.

His remarks surprised the other guests. Andy Kusnetzoff's moped, who was a "Christian" at the beginning of his career, asked them. Buley went to Pedro Alfonso, Luis Ortega, the director of the series.

But when they asked him to take the collective, after the success of his character, Buley said it was not. "I had no threat, though I'm always a bad person, I'm writing Instagram users therefore, I'm not leaving only from home"he said.

In this sense, the actor has made clear that his cousin leaves the ball playing go back dark before. "There are bad people on the street," he argued.

In order to figure out his fear, Buley said the two men were scaling off the collective. "You are dwarf Marginal, Right? & # 39; They asked me, "Yes, I said," he began, but when he asked about the third season, the debate was over. The actor refused to reveal the details and said no response: "You put Ortho, they told me," he added.

He crossed the Buley path and greeted his friendly neighbor. But this gesture made it worse. "I did not go for that purpose, but I crossed it and told the police, but I did not shout, but I went to say hello and said:" stay calm here "and collectively attacked others and told me they would not do anything. These guys are crazy. I was afraid"he concluded.

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