Wednesday , October 20 2021

British press reports on Michael Schumacher's health inadequate – 17/12/2013


Next December 29 it will be filled Michael Schumacher's accident over five years He was skiing with his family in the French Alps. In recent hours, an English journalist showed information about German health It will last 24 hours for survival and the family spend 55,000 euros a week.

Schumacher is not in bed, it does not need to connect to a medical device to ensure its survival, According to the British Daily Mail magazine. Germany will take care of 55 million euros in teaching and nursing in Switzerland.

Since the accident, Inner circles created a barrier with his health and did not give any information. The previous media Schumacher does not sleep on a day-to-day basis, and does not stay connected with medical devices, but assures 55,000 euros a week.

According to journalists' information Jonathan McEvoyShe lives with the closest family to the main wing of the house, as confirmed by former driver Rolf.

This information is forbidden for Germany to live in a hospital hospital in Switzerland, but lived in a house before the accident, it was Mikel Strogoff's father.

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