Monday , November 18 2019
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"Broken Horses" is the new track / EP Twin Shadow

New track / New EP: Discover the "Broken Horses" behind the Twin Shadow

George Lewis Jr. He is back and his new age is delicious.

As of April 2018, George Lewis Jr. seemed to recover again and a very silent self-exploration format, however, nowadays it has broken its neutrality after releasing a new track at the same time, the old school is presented in a single EP format.

What do we mean by this?

To do this, the original track called "Broken Horses" comes with "Santo Domingo Edit", "Port Antonio Edit" and two other instrumental versions.

What is the sound What are you talking about?

The track, in itself, is a little apocalypse; Freedom to the indescribable heat of the desired love, but that can not be.

Know jealousy, insecurity; find out at the dawn of your loved one's eyes, but this can not be love, because it can not be used.

At earthquake level, but at a sound level, the heat is dominically implicit, with "indie" and an excellent touch that does not pass through the genre, because it goes through the genre, but I could not say, if they are in force, the classical bases.

However, it is a treasure. A hug for the heart.

Listen here and start the Twin Shadow 2019 conquest, write this new sound from the deep feeling in George Lewis's head.

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