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Bulk wine and mint: cheap prices, but good exports. | Cuyo newspaper

To Russia: Wine charge for Fraccionadora in San Juan winery. There will be 20 shipments already sent and will be another shipment for January 11.

It seems a contradiction, but apparently not. On the one hand, exports of packaging vessels have been recovered, that is to say, it is positive that there is sufficient wine in the country and that surpluses must be reduced, which is then weighed down at the nearest price of the vinyl. But deliveries to international markets are priceless to non-profit exporters; In spite of the fact that, despite the competitive improvement of the exchange rate, the retentions applied by national governments have been eliminated, and the reimbursements have also been reduced, all of the benefits that have had a positive impact on these regional economies. Sectors' sources nowadays paid for international buyers include a liter of 0.23 dollars of wine when they make discounts and costs.

According to the Survey, between January and December 2018, exports of 889 thousand hoglotures have been exported, almost 312,880 hectoliters sent to foreign countries in 2017 almost tripled. In December only the volume of exports volume was 20.55%. Why are submissions increasing prices? Local wineries must say that they need to ensure the evolution of the business and empty the vessels that occupy surplus and new crops that leave the future.

Regarding the increase in shipments, the Argentine Bulk Wine Chambers should place 400 million liters on the international market to reduce expected surpluses and prices do not coincide with the producer's grape harvest next year. The wineries of San Juan do not miss a delicious mix. Fraccionadora San Juan rejected the negotiation closure of 2018 for more than 3 million liters of Russian and Belarusian deliveries after the participation of the provincial government in the Commerce mission. The 20-liter containers have already been sent to 20 ships and will need another 120 ships in the next few days. In this way, split the two wineries in Russia and Belarus; Torrontés, Pedro Jiménez, white beans and Bonarda white wines will receive 2,880,000 liters, Mauricio Fernández said, directing the San Juan winery. This volume is added to a similar one, sent two months ago from Spain. "The last sale came from the Dutch trade mission, where I contacted buyers. The last time sold in Russia was in 2016, the next year, as a result of the exchange rate, it was not adjusted." Although the sale eliminated stocks and "empty bargains", the employer accepted the prices "very low" and the cost of electricity and taxation were not offset. "We need the support of the national government, the arrests kill us, but we have waived this request with Sica (the last meeting with Macri's production ministry)," Fernandez said. He said that this scenario is "very difficult" in the next harvest, thanks to low international values ​​"if we need to buy grapes and buy it, it is currently priceless".

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Argentine export ships grew 184.1% between January and December 2018, compared to the same period of the previous year, and shipping to the world of wine failed and the year closed down 2.7%, the National Institute of Agriculture reported. The exportation of the fractions was 1.8 million thirty, of which 287 thousand white and 1,579,000 black wines. The former recorded a drop of 3.6% with respect to the same period of 2017, while the figures dropped by 2.6% at the same time.

Exports of concentrated concentrations increased 72% last year, reaching almost 106,000 tonnes in international markets.

According to recent data, according to the latest December, the fragmented wineries exported 146,566 hectoliters, which was a 0.4% increase compared to December 2017. Instead of wholesale, it increased 206.5% in the same month. the year before, when they reached 75,970 hectoliters.

According to INV, the concentrate revealed 10,381 tonnes of deliveries in the last month, with a year-on-year increase of 110.3%.

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