Monday , September 26 2022

Cabré goes out the door and another will come


After the scandal of the poem during the photograph, De Brito alerted Laurita Fernandez.

Buenos Aires The slogan of my brother was merged with Nicolás Cabré and Flor Vigna. And it seems that the other scandal with Laurita Fernandez, along with the actress's girlfriend, already encouraged her blonde, that she had an exaggerated confidence in two of the two seated women in bed, and the war that ended in the last week was awakened. track, in front of everyone. On Tuesday, the new image was said on Tuesday when the musicians of Cabré and Flor were very much kissed.

Los Angeles in the morning studied the scene and Ángel de Brito called him fiction: "Look at the kiss, if you take a picture on Instagram …", the driver began. Always ironic, he continued: "it works well, because they hate each other, but they kiss it well."


This banana

When he doubled his bet, the journalist told Laurite that he had not seen the images directly, wearing "Dance" along with other issues. But the jury revealed another thing, they often dismissed. "Another scene that attracted attention on the other day was that of a banana party, while Laurita peaked the banana" Dantzan "and Flor Vigna peeled banana. My brother is a clone … He has put on the gestures of reality, it's ok. Fiction They all do it, "explained the driver.

Lourdes Sánchez, one of the panelists, dropped more fire over the fire and asked: "Does Banana Laurita own?"



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