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Caesar was raped by the girl's loneliness: "A conscious objection was declared and"

José Gigena, the surgeon Microcrine raped a Tucuman girl The Eva Perón Hospital's medical critics launched serious critiques: "Professional places were spectators," he said All news. "It's an 11-year-old girl, her genitals are terribly ugly, so it's not possible," he said. "We saw the toys with plastic bags and, when we saw him, he was afraid, he said he wanted to do it but he frightened his needles, he always embraced his mother."

The doctor explained the girl explained how they would work, and the mother and daughter received two witnesses, the head of the service and the assistant psychiatrist. "When we contacted a girl, we decided to finish the pregnancy and we went to an operating room, we realized that teachers were abolished by their conscience objection and". "My wife just went. After leaving the nurses, she became a surgical tool to end torture in childhood, "he revealed.

"We felt horrible loneliness, but we could not step back one step," said Gigena. "As this girl was in custody, the attitude of the attendees attended, partially collaborating, we had three friends in the loneliness with the help of the girl, we had to respect the right of the girl and her mother, she stated that her pregnancy had been interrupted by law," he concluded.

Cecilia Ousset, a specialist in the birth of a child's birth, said: "I think that Juan Manzur (the governor of Tucuman), as a result of an electoral issue, was clearly preventing legal breaks in pregnancy, it is a torture."

According to Tucuman magazine MagazineAccording to the Ministry of Health, "no breach of the girl's pregnancy breaks", and the accusations of torture by women's organizations and women's rights defenders have disappeared, including Amnesty International, Andhes and Cladem. "The healthcare system does not process a pause during pregnancy or delayed the situation," said Health Minister Rossana Chahla

"We are listening to the girl and her mother, we are ready to find out how all the events are said," added the minister. "We have seen and heard situations that are not appropriate and true, and we have tried to clarify it, a case that has happened to us, especially as our mother is ours. We have three legs: a part of a doctor, a legal part and the first part: the human team, "added Chahla..

Little ones Presented on January 31 in a hospital of about 7 months stomach pain when he found that he was 16 weeks pregnant. "The old thing is what he wants to put on me," said the girl, according to the judicial archive. victim

The child did not live with her mother, because her mother was shocked by two sisters, even though she was condemned by the man and was arrested for this reason. According to Health Minister, on February 11, the girl returned to the hospital for a request from the Directorate General of Mental Health. "suicidal idea".

In 2017 births for children under 15 registered a total of 2,493 people, according to Amnesty International.

On February 25, the girl and mother expressed their intention to stop pregnancy, but presented the Provincial Province of the Health System (Siprosa), Health Secretary, Gustavo Vigliocco, and finally, the girl got the micro-department. In the vicinity of the hospital, manifestations began to gather against and against the practice of abortion, Archbishop Tucumán, Carlos Sánchez, opened the name of a girl, violates the privacy of the victim, and called his life to "protect" the life of the newborn.

"We listen to many girls and mothers," said the Health Ministry in the defense of the medical team. "I understand that after the Gesell Chamber girl the 18th of February, the mother said she was afraid she was afraid that something would happen to her daughter, because everything is documented, they immediately agreed to intervene in the entire system," said the official.

Abortion is illegal in Argentina, art. The voluntary interruption of the 86 Penal Code authorizes the suspension of the life or health of the woman when it is due to a pregnancy or a violation.

Repudio "Proved" and "Supply" in Tucuman

"Amnesty International rejects institutional violence caused by provincial provincial health services in Tucumán (Siprosa)," said Twitter from a social network account. AI said that the girl was pregnant, and therefore, during pregnancy, the causes that prevented pregnancy were applied: Pregnancy is a result of rape and threatens the health of the victim. "Sending an 11-year-old girl who suffers abuse at the end of pregnancy violates her human rights," said the organization.

Meanwhile, the Huésped Foundation, a protector of human rights and reproductive rights in public health, recalled that it was a similar situation in the Jujuy province a few weeks ago and "we do not know how much more or how many more will be tortured." "We can not allow more girls to be tortured," he warned. Opposition members of the FPV coalition, Gabriela Estévez, or left-wing workers, such as Nicolás del Caño, dismissed others from social, journalistic and cultural representations that were forced from birth to birth.

Teresa Fagalde, member Dr. Life, the support of her organization, told the 11-year-old girlfriend she refused her healthcare workers and a procedure that endangers her daughter. "They were forced to protect the girl and the neonate, and they called for public measures to" repeat this criminal act "and condemned all those who" tired of the girl directly and indirectly ", as well as the" sex " "to prevent and eliminate traumatic abusions" to carry out actions.


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