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Caesar's 11-year-old girl raped and became pregnant in Tucuman chronicle

In a decision to bring controversy to public opinion, a 11-year-old girl who was pregnant during the pregnancy caused by her grandmother's partner was cesarean Hospital del Este "Eva Perón" To the town of Salí de la Banda del Río in Tucumán, where it is hospitalized.

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"A family and child support plan is essential and, unfortunately, in a short time, the rape of minors is the second case", I explained Fernanda Marchese, Andhes (lawyers and lawyers in the Northern Basque Country, in human rights and social studies), in journalistic statements.

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Gustavo ViglioccoThe executive secretary of the Syros medical secretary communicated the procedure to activate and completed a doctor. The official did not make inquiries and the Government did not take part, what steps will be taken in this case with national consequences.

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During pregnancy, the interruption was subject to Sipros on January 31st, April 7th, at the primary health center. The girl reached her stomach. In order to confirm the condition of the pregnancy, the patient admitted to the abusers of the grandmother's wife, who were facing a criminal case at the Public Prosecutor's Office. María del Carmen Reuter.

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The girl did not live with her mother, because her mother's partner used more than two sisters (the court sources reportedly condemned and imprisoned by the offenders). On 25 February, victims and mothers were asked to take legal breaks during pregnancy.

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The request went through the Courts, but Sipros admitted it by the court order, in that case established "FAL". The ruling of the United Nations High Court of Justice in 2012 requires provincial states to carry out the prosecution without the need to avoid procedural delays in preventing the suspension of the right to interrupt pregnancy.

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