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Cambiemos councilman knocked on iron on a timbre of La Matanza – 03/23/2013

Council of change councilor Murder Saturday was won on Saturday, along with other militants of La Loma neighborhood, in the city of Gregorio de Laferrere in Buenos Aires.

In fact, he announced the national deputy Hernán Berisso. "Cowardly attack Laferrer is currently visiting the local councilor Lucas Córdoba and the young militant PRO La Matanza with their neighbors. Attackers are arrested. #nonvapparate, "wrote the lawmaker near the image wound on the back Mayor

According to the police source, Cambiemos militants talked about neighbors when they pulled out five men from the vehicle and attacked them. "You can not go with these T-shirts "Said the attacker with Córdoba iron.

After calling 911, the first Police Officer of the Eastern District police station was there and They stopped violent.

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Alejandro Finocchiaro, current Minister of Education and candidate of the mayor of Cambiemos, said on Twitter "Cancellation of this cowardly attack"The change is crossed by La Matanza. The change does not impose any change, let's change the path of change that people choose, who want people and lives in the party. And that is unstoppable, "he said.

2. The tax unit intervenes, which ordered measures against resistance against threats, injuries and authority.

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