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"Carancho" jumped in the car to run and gave security cameras – 12/12/2018


The tranquility of the midday of Parana's midday changed when the neighbors saw neighborhood security cameras. a He went to Laurencena Avenue downtown and thrown a car's hoodHe fell to the ground.

"On Sunday 1:00 a person was injured in public roads, first of all, about a possible traffic accident," said Julián Bevilacqua, the eighth commissioner, talking to Canal Litoral.

"He mentioned the pain in the body as a whole, they were doing all the abilities, the driver and other witnesses, because they were people, they already told us the extravagant action of the person," he added.

Everything was recorded by security cameras. The man who overcame the Maccarone neighborhood waited for his wait and Volkswagen Fox slowed down a bit by throwing his speed over the hood and falling into the ground and unconscious.

The "most important cure for the hospital was not carried out because he did not want to study from the doctor's duty and the doctor's doctor, and because he was not suffering from injuries, they were not correctly verified, because they were not against His will."

Located in the neighbors what is "carancho". They seek an accident, so they can act legally against the owner's insurer in the car.

In the excitement of the city, the chairman of the Bar Association Enrique Marciano Martínez said that "this type of practice, in some cases, was also attended by representatives of public bodies, police, long-term and / or doctor."

"The public officials involved in this event also have a relationship with the lawyer, and the victim has also been able to contact the lawyer at the time, that is to say, that they have to denounce ethics and citizens," he added. Martinez, El Once local channel.

He continues with a description of this kind of lawyer, and emphasizes that "lawyers who do not come to Paraná, from other territories, come from other places, are not known and do not have customer trusts, that is, what the insurance companies get, is divided between the group and not is going to the victim, that is, thanks to these issues.

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