Saturday , January 29 2022

Carlos Ghosn said he was "detained and accused of improper arrests" arrested after his arrest


Carlos Ghosn said he was "falsely accused and unfairly detained" On Tuesday, Tuesday, I read in the Court of Iowa in an alleged English, after his arrest his first appearancelast November

"I was honored with the knowledge and approval of the directors and the directors of the company"said President Renault and the former Nissan chief at the court.

Wearing a dark suit, automobile-tycoon, 64, The thinnest came, handcuffed, and looked round his waist with a rope. The hearing began at 10:30 AM (01:30 GMT).

Remember "Two decades of building his life Nissan and building alliance", Ghosn said "Honor, legally and with the approval and approval of the company's directors", she should read by the written statement.

On the other hand, The judge justified the length of his detention due to the risk of escape.

The Franco-Brazilian-Lebanese businessman denounced the 10th of December, saying that between 2010 and 2015 the revenue market authorities were accused of 5 million yen (44 million dollars).

Besides, He also suspects a similar rate reduction. this time from 2015 until 2018 and from now on abuse of confidence In the interests of a Saudi friend, an Nissan account is suspected of earning money.

Ghosn denies an annihilation.

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