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Carlos Perciavalle dismissed Thelma Fardin and rejected the cast of actors


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Carlos Perciavalle has given an interview to Uruguayan newspaper
Country where did he mention?

The complaint against Thelma Fardin against Juan Darthés

. The accusative actor denounced the man, but said he did not report defend himself. In addition, he clarified the democratization of the feminist struggle and explained how he would change the way he did.

"An annoyance". Perciavall defined the movement of Argentine actors in recent weeks

they started to mobilize

Excessive abuse in your workplace. Without empathy with feminism, the actor argued women to "dominate the world" Adam and Eve. Then, he complained to Fardin's complaint: "Who Adam did with the apple and since then they do not stop, they are now caught unexpectedly and they are surprised." Oh, I was threatened ten years ago in Nicaragua, "he said, with insanity, as if it were his imitation." This does not mean I'm defending this man because I'm not a name,
sic). But they are artists. It's not people. What's so bad?

The actor said that at the age of 63, he had never been warned of harassment in the environment. "I always felt that women were privileged," he said. "They are beautiful, girls, if you have divine fencing and they say:" What tits are beautiful, you are not being attacked, they are praising it. "

Then he continued to cite

Thelma Fardin

. "This girl, I'm poor, I feel from him, it's been 10 years ago to remember the proximity of Nicaragua … nothing has to be done, so much has to be done, so much help." However, Darthés said inappropriately: "I do not like it, it looks like a fan, it's gold, it's going to Brazil, because it's the only place where it can not be extradited. Again in another soap opera."

Perciavall also claimed the humorous nature of Porcel and Olmedo, and how he made humor in those times, he said: "If men do not laugh at women, what can we do to laugh? If they laugh at men, they will not do anything if they do not want them."

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