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Carlos Tevez will start with Superfina for 5 reasons against River


Before the game ends The vowel will make the last two workouts to face the River Superintendent Libertador Superfinal and plan to determine the eleventh. Cristian Pavón's injury probably interrupted the plans that are currently being considered about his appointment, even if he was a replacement substitute. And one of them is only Carlos Tevez, included in the list of concentrated.

du apache He joined in the first half and started soccer against Saturday against the Super League league. In the attack, the twin has fixed pieces Wanchope He will know about the problem and the question. between Carlitos and Darío Benedetto can name it, but we can not exclude the cover and scheme change.

Tevez has his own name according to his weight, his career, his parchments, his titles and history throughout his life. Barros Schelotti only convinces himself.

This last stage of Boca was taken by Tevez for 34 years, who lived in the campus. He always fed the protagonism and began to play property. According to the football field, he had to adapt to the place where he played. He forced the party to participate in the break (the team that teamed up against the Palmeiras team against Brazil) and was silent because most of his team members recognized the importance of decoration. The insult directed towards Izquierdoz arrived on the way to Bombonera 2-2 and, as a singer, came the season. He spent his dinner at the house last Tuesday, another example of how important it is in the group.

He was not regularized during the season, but Boca participated in the last three. He won second goal against Tigre against 4-1 against 1-0 against the board of trustees last Saturday (Bombonera Superleague). Undoubtedly, in the Superclásico's 18-minute break, the first leg of Libertad's finale was released. At eleven, he joined the starting lineup of the Monumental Match. Tevez came in for the first time in the big area lobby and then with a great personal maneuver, which left his face on Armani Benedetto's match. He finished with Pablo Perez as a midfielder.

The relationship between Apache and Wanchope is known. In fact, Carlitos was in charge of protecting the hurricane habits from reaching the whole community. The monument, Mila Jiménez and Ulises Bueno, was able to analyze the difference between fans. Crafty can cause the wearer at the bottom line of the river, which happened several times during the Bombonera match. In addition, Darío Benediter would allow him – for the first leg of the Cruzeiro counterpart for the Liberator, he is not an initial coach – it is a fresh start (or extended) and can be decisive in the last minute of the Superfinal.

Carlitos premiered in Núñez's Opening 2002, Oscar Tobacco's Boca Oscar won 2-1 in Chelo Delgado's double. After this joy, he played an eternal memory and left him with a sour taste: the 2-1 victory of the 2004 Libertadores Seminars, his "gallinita" day. Tevez scored the match for Carlos Bianchi from the final semester of the post, partially equalized, but he warned Hector Baldassi. In the end, Xeneiz won a penalty kick. The other two falls (2-0) Opening in 2004, victory (1-0, Nicolás Lodeiro) in the 2015 Championship, draw (0-0) for the 2016 Championship and victory for the Monumental recently: in the second half, Walter Bou and Ricardo Centurión goals There were also 4-2.

"The obsession to win the Cup is something I'm hungry for, I want to win and retire a lot, what I dream and what I want, I earn and I think it's a retirement, I do not leave anything to fight, what do you want What I am and what I carry is my sleep. " This statement made by Tevez was made in March of this year, after returning to the club. His record had five local and three international titles with a Boca T-shirt. On Saturday you will have the chance to win the ninth in the club and play the United Arab Emirates World Cup. The end of the year can be the idea of ​​hanging boots and the result of professional career in the head, whenever football is dreamy. There is no other player than anyone else.

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