Thursday , October 6 2022

Carrió Bullrich and Macri shot | Deputy …


"We will not go to fascism," said the alliance's ally. He wants to change his letter against the new regulations on the use of firearms prepared by Minister Patricia Bullrich, and in particular said: "The minister's (sic) hand is away." In the opening of a new crack in the coalition of the government, the deputy has said that "contrary to the security force provided by bullrich violates fundamental human rights," he emphasized, "this does not mean that the police do not have the power to keep the order." Likewise, the financing of the political parties promoted by Casa Rosada he questioned

The new dissident marked Carrio shows a new communicative variation before the decision of the executive power before the Civic Coalition leaders to make their way out. "This is similar to Bolsonaro's ideas"; "They did not say that they took such a kind of initiative," Carrió's assistant clarin told Clarin magazine, with this new disagreement, later published by the Diputación in Twitter.

In that case, there were doubts about the cancellation, at the end of the day he returned to the tweet. On this occasion he wrote: "Those who are angry with me are putting my safety on me, I tell them that they die a day so they have long or dark hair." So, the deputy did not say anything to the extraordinary sessions of President Mauricio Macri, referring to the Internal Regulations in the Official Gazette, referring to other internal differences.

"I will vote against the contributions made by the company to the political parties, according to the historical doctrine of the CC-ARI, to maintain independence for the defense of that country," warned the alliance refers to the new project. The financing of the political parties, which encourages Casa Rosada to promote initiatives that are currently prohibited, up to a limit of 2%.

"I do not care what the President says, as I said 25 years ago, as I said," to continue with this initiative to secure Carrió against Macro, Cambiemos will remain without the vote of the Civic Coalition. For now, the project that includes the extraordinary agenda has been postponed and will not be discussed in the current session.

The differences between Carrió and Mac were not over, a list of tweets was added against the ruling Supreme Court against 2×1 against genocide. The current president of this court, Carlos Rosenkrantz, and Carrió, were the only ones to recognize: "Human rights are applicable to all citizens, and in particular by the rule of a crime, and international standards must be applied, Rosenkrantz's verdict is correct." wrote Unidad Ciudadana's deputy.

In October of October, Carrio explained his differences to "being disassociated" with the president Macri and the president lost confidence. Carrio's statements, with his Twitter account turned out to be, in a few days, Germán Garavano, who allegedly arrested the former president, referred to open investigations against Cristina Kirchner. At that time, the legislator anticipated that the Coalition of the Humanity demanded a political trial against the Justice Minister. Although he assured the project he had already written, but he would leave it apart within days.

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