Saturday , January 23 2021

Cars used: The best 2018 sales

In 2018, 1,723,998 units of used cars were sold, 2.49% down on the previous yearAccording to the latest information from the Automotive Tradeen Chamber (CCA). In December, 122,866 units were sold in the last month of the year, and fell by 21,77% in 2017.

What were they models sold over the past year? Patterns Goal and Goal of Volkswagen's trend They took the first place in the list, selling 26% of those who use cars. He continued Chevrolet Corsa and Classic (17%), Renault Clio (12%), Toyota Hilux (10%), Ford Fiesta (9%), Fiat Palio (9%), Ford Ecosport (9%) and Ford Focus (8%).

Cars used for 2018 vs. 2017 for sale

"The very complex period of 2018 has ended, however, the market for used cars has fallen by 2.5% to 2017. With this volume, we can say that the sector is the only piece that maintains a certain balance in the market"said Alberto Príncipe, President of the CEC.

"In the distant future without much hope, we must manage with the necessary prudence to think about the current situation with the changes of the economy in future projects, "added the executive.

Sales last four years

Over the last year, the number of sales increased in the provinces Santiago del Estero (11.78%), San Juan (7.65%), Catamarca (7.15%), Tierra del Fuego (4.18%) and San Luis (3.90%).

Among the biggest drops missions (15.02%), Santa Cruz (6.88%), Chaco (6.45%), La Rioja (6.29%) and the Autonomous Community of Buenos Aires (5.26%).

On the other hand, 0 km on the car market The 10.9% decrease in patents is reflected in 2018. The vehicle that drives the classification of the patents was Toyota Hilux: her 33,482 patented units The Volkswagen Gol model was enough to deviate from the first position, according to data published by the Association of Automobile Industry of the Republic of Argentina (Acara)

However, compared to the previous year, the patents fell sharply, 802,992 units were sold at 0 kilometers During the year, the third year was marked with the best sales, as the entities spread information.

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