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Caruso Lombardi is back: "I'm a little camcorder" – 27/02/2013


He got the plane that arrived from Madrid. But Tucuman wants to travel on the truck. "I do not fear big problems. I took two of them to go to Spain pastanacas (Sic). But they will take you to the palometas on cabotage flights. Also, I have to mobilize in the car, hehe, "he says. Media, histrionic, controversial character, technical firefighter, what is Ricardo Caruso Lombardi? "I paint it. If TV goes out, I'm going to go to the TV. If you turn off the radio, I'll go to the radio, and if you need to correct it, too. Actually, I'm a little camcorder," he talks bugle. Along the way, Juan Chumba, his inseparable assistant, is in charge of the driver.

Caruso is back. With the challenge that only man can bring with brave: he has been able to save San Martín de Tucuman. "95% have given us an extreme witch, but we have five lives left and we can eliminate everything. There are no stories: I'm from 10 to 1. I could not leave a group (Quilmes) for the first time, from 11 to 1 or 10 to 2. But we will try "promises in the middle of the night.

-You have always criticized Christian Brague. However, you have no doubt about joining San Martin with the team you work with.

-I have no problem at all. I criticized him for what he did with Arsenal. The president (Roberto Sagra), but Bragarnik gave good references. Mind you, I'm not part of your team, huh.

-Why did he go after a year?

– Television, the radio disappeared and I was bored at home, haha ​​… No, I want to work and do what I feel. And this is a nice challenge.

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– You are currently signing a contract and directing your practice. You need to play Lanuz on Saturday. How will you make a good team in 72 hours?

– There were eight or ten games that you can pilot. But times are tyrants. We have five games: Lanús, Urakana, Boca, Estudiantes and San Lorenzo, three local. If only we fail, we march. Of course, I do not intend to complete a B group national. We do not talk about it. But I dream to save you. Also, I know a lot of players in the club.

– Who are they?

-A droopy Gomez and a (Valentin) Viola made their first debut. Then there are (Adrián) Arregui, (Luciano) Pons, (Lucas) Acevedo, Ascenso all children. It's a good team, we can not do it until the end of life. Players must enter a good rachita.

Your last time was Tigre, where he scored 8 points in 12 games. Since December 2017 it has not run.

Your last time was Tigre, where he scored 8 points in 12 games. Since December 2017 it has not run.

-And did you realize that Matías Ibáñez, as an archer Olimpo, realizes that Quilmes closed his bow?

-Do you know what I thought was the first thing? When San Martin had to play with Lanús, I said: "Just play with this kid …". Ibáñez repeatedly spoiled me, I hope he did not go back.

– On Sunday, San Martin did not imprison San Martin. Are you worried about arbitration?

– The President is worried that he will harm them. I have said the truth, we have five days left and I do not want to take myself with those responsible. I hope they intend to kill us. If you make mistakes, they lose the image and excitement of many people that explode the San Martin area.

Caruso traveled to Japan and Canada with Argentinos Juniors, a short race of green grass still was not imagined as a midfielder. And for the first time, he traveled to Europe. "I went to the Guadalajara Sports Club Advisor, the Third Third Team, I did not win twelve games. I talked to the technician and cut the line: they won 3 and 2," he wore. "And from there I went to see Cholo Simeone, I was with Mono Burgos (Nelson) with Vivas … They are phenomena," he praises.

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– How did you get Cholok?

– When he saw me on the training ground, I took the bus out to get a hug. Also (Mauricio) Pellegrino and (Carlos) Compagnucci Leganés. They shot me. I have seen a lot of training. I learned a lot. It served me

-And you feel like you did not in Spain?

-My puts me up, haha ​​… It was the chance of the second team. As I was on the train, I was around. I went to Real Madrid, Atlético … We are light years. Everything is careful The court has escalators! And you have to eat and eat pizza, coffee shop, business. It's a luxury

-And we are pondering Argentine football and said he was the winner of European players. Luckily, do you see yourself working?

– Jonatan Silva, Guido Carrillo, Ezequiel Muñoz, Uruguay (Diego) Godín and (José Manuel) Giménez, I was very centralized, I throw pots. In Argentina, you have barbarian players that can be a national team. Those who will not play in Europe will invent the ball or have put 4 pipes on it. The friction is much less, it's not a shot nor a boost, it pushes the show.

God and Giménez wanted to go to Turin, because they brought good luck to Juventus. Antoine Griezmann gave his son a shirt. He loved Athletic's "5", Thomas. He wanted to play against Barcelona.

-As about Lionel Messi, Claudius Tapia confirms that the Nation's team will return. What makes the 10 returns?

-It's okay. Messi is the only one in a safe place. Then a little (Nicolás) Otamendi. The rest is that beans are earned in court.

Crusader of technicians and politicians Among the activities carried out during the last year, Caruso sought the presidency of the Argentine Technicians Association. But he could not destroy the historical Vitorio Cocco. "Everything wrong was wrong, unfortunately, during the two or three days between two and three days, resolutions 37. The 9th Hall of the Supreme Court was taken. They were not allowed to clean the union, as long as they did not vote for 30 years. They did all the hairstyles. "

Do you want to continue fighting?

-But, yes. Because disaster is There is no technical charge in Spain. Everyone has a contract, makes contributions, they have nothing out there. Instead, instead of the one who fails to do justice, they continue in a temporary way. I will be able to join the North American technicians. I will go to Salta, La Rioja and Catamarca.

– Did you not think about going out of national politics?

– They hinted for me, the eye. We can see that we put a lot of people together technicians. But I did not really think about it.

The signal is lost somewhere in the route. This Kamikaze is not lost, as defined by itself, it is faith.

– If you want to keep it with San Martin, will you get magicians?

-So, hahaha … I do not know. If we can save it, it would be barbarian. I have a lot of confidence.

San Martin's difficult situation

The last complicated stretch fell to San Martin de Tucuman, and he needs a lot of points if he wants to stay in the Super League. Last Sunday, when he went to the Monument, he lost 2-1 to the River, with 0.900 (20 points, 20 points) and sank down the table.

In the fifteenth minute of the Italian Caruso Lombard team, he also hopes to win the Copa Sudamericana. Afterwards, he will visit Huracán (he is located in southern South America, but arrives to Libertad), he will receive Boca, he will travel to La Plata for Estudiantes (everything is far away) and will complete his local presence in front of San Lorenzo.

The advantage of the Tucuman group is that it is distributed with only one season, because the three winners of the rest of the games can bring salvation.

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